Sat nav wiring harness

(doublesix64) #1

Im hoping someone can help with some advice.I have purchased from a jag breaker the satnav wiring harness for a 2000 mdl Daimler xj8.I have installed the harness,but it appears when it was removed at the breakers they cut or broken off awire.I have looked but cannot seem to see where it may have been attached or come from.It is a yellow coloured wire and goes into a 2 wire connector.The other wire in the connector is orange with possibly yellow stripe.This connector with the two wires in it plug into a single orange wire from the blue satnav interface module connector.Any advice would be more than welcome

(Andy) #2

Jag circuit says there is a 2 pin connector on the RH side of the transmission tunnel

Does the Nav system work?
Does the radio/CD work ?

Do you think the wire is broken off near the front of the car or the rear?

Somehow you can see diagnotic inputs on the radio screen. e.g to tell you if you are in reverse or not.

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Hi Andy thanks for the response.i am actually in the middle of installing the sat nav system and as yet have tried nothing satnav radio etc.I can only assume it was broken off from near the front or it was connected to another part of the electrical system.I have today remove the satnav harness and traced back and cannot find any other wire it may have been cut or broken away from.I did read on the jaguar workshop disc about the 2 pin connector also.Regards john