SatNav Head with Climate Control Unit Dead?

(Derek Maddock) #1

On my journey home after purchasing my latest car a 2003 Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V6 Auto, The head unit went blank, the radio stopped working and the climate control was pumping out very hot air. It was raining at the time so the journey home was not comfortable as the windows could not be opened.
It’s at times like this that you think you have bought a pup not a Jag.
Next day I took it to my garage who looked at it. over the course of a few weeks we have decided that we need to treat the problems as separate issues.
So I have bought a replacement Water Heater Valve after reading that this is a common problem with the S-Type. This I am told may cure the pumping out of Hot Air.

In the mean time I have tried looking for Fuses that may have caused the head unit to fail. I have also looked at Fuses that would cause the Radio to fail. Results Nothing is blown “Nada”.

I am a “Googleier” or a person who thinks that Google has the answer to everything. but once again all it comes down to is the Water Heater Valve.

As a retired Computer Service manager I can’t get my head around this nor can I believe that there is no common fuse or fault code for this problem.

I need your help please I am willing to do almost anything provided it’s free or at least cheap.
Please excuse my attempt at humour and if you ignore that there is a serious question here.

(motorcarman) #2

Are you able to communicate with the climate control or sat nav???
I would start by checking ALL the modules for communication and see if any are unresponsive on the networks.


(Derek Maddock) #3

Hi Bob
At the expense of sounding “thick” I don’t really know what you mean by “Communicate”. If you mean Have I attached something to it a, I don’t know what the something would be. and b, I wouldn’t know where to put "I"t or what to do with “it”. If you mean are and lights on when you turn the Key to position I or II, then the answer is no, the Jaguar splash screen does not appear.
I have noticed that there must be power going to the unit because the LCD (Liquid Chrystal Display) displays an error code, or at least I think its an error code. I will try and add pictures of them with this post. They are [EXT} 50, [EXT] 51 and [Ext C1 the trouble with that is I don’t know which is the first Code (If it is a Code).

As for the second part of your answer, I wish I knew what you mean by Communicate once again if you mean, If I press a button does anything happen then the answer is No, nothing happens on any of the Modules. Nor do I understand what you mean by “unresponsive on the networks”. What networks and how would I know, please. If you mean the CANBUS, I don’t have an instrument that I can plug in the OBD connection and see a fault. My mechanic has and he says no faults are being generated. I will now try and Upload the pictures for you and others.

What ever happens I think you and I are “singing off he same song sheet”. An extra piece of information is the DVD player (the heart of the NAV system in the boot or trunk) is also dead. Once again I don’t have any means to test if there is power getting to the unit or not, but once again no fuses have blown and no faults on the Code reader.

I hope you don’t think I am being awkward it’s just that we need to have a common language don’t you think. I think you have been a great help thank you.

As I am new the rules only allow me to upload 1 Picture. Hope it helps.



(Robin O'Connor) #4

Hi Derek, I think the ‘communicate’ may mean have you or the garage managed to read any codes fro the OBD11 port with a reader?
Scrub that I just read the rest of the last post :frowning:

(Derek Maddock) #5

That’s fine Robin. I am a slow writer and had things to do with the pictures. Went to the car and then ……


(Derek Maddock) #6

Bought an Autel AL319,OBD2 reader from Amazon, it will be delivered tomorrow. Will be doing a lot of reading at let you know the results…

Thanks Bob

(Rob Reilly) #7

When my heater valve quit working a few years ago, I found the trouble was a broken wire in the wiring harness, at the plastic fitting that plugs in to the valve.

(Matthew Kennedy) #8


Bit of a googlier myself and I found this page

where others seem to be having the same issue. Seems there is a module in the boot (trunk) that has a lot to do with it. Hope this helps a bit.


(Derek Maddock) #9

I still believe that this is an Electrical Problem as you say Bob. I think over the year there have been many parts replaced unnecessary. I could probably start a business in collecting replaced Jaguar Parts. lol

(Derek Maddock) #10

At my age I shouldn’t be up at 2am looking into the problem but I was.
What I thought was a one off problem that somehow buying a car without checking all the electrics etc. turns out to be a “black hole”. It would appear that the problem have been going back for years.

I was fascinated when I went to the car last night and switched it on. The Head Unit, while was not working, was alive in that there was an error code scrolling in the LCD. “C1” then “50” then “51”. if you Google this error Code it will take hours to go through the writeups.

The bottom line is. The consensus of opinion is, “It is the Navigation Control Unit” in the Boot/Trunk. This is what I believe so I am going to replace it. I will post what happens when it’s done.

Thanks for all your advice without it I would not have come to this decision.


(Breslau Baro) #11

I had a similar problem withe my 2005 S type. The DCCV (dual climate control valve or heater valve) failed and it placed an excessive current load on the printed circuit board(pcb) in the Climate Control Module( CCM )… Two traces on the pcb burnt out as a result.
The Solution # 1 : Replace the DCCV about $100.00 from parts GEEK

2 Remove the PCB and the CCM and solder in two jumpers to replace the two burnt traces. #3 install two 2 amp fuses between the DCCV and the CCM to prevent further burnouts