'saw the '85 sedan

nice looking car.
It ran great and was done right. Everything was dry under it, the exhaust was well put together and the AC worked with r-12.
Gauges all worked. It impressed me but he wanted 5500 and I’d only give 4500.
If anything driving it got me charged up on Jaguars.

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I must have had Andrew on the phone 5 times over the last 2 days, we kept getting disconnected by some phone issue. Thanks Andrew, you’re a good source of info to have when dealing with these conversion cars. I’ll be in touch. Gary

Any pics?
And yes, Andrew is an invaluable resource

'no pics, I forgot all about them.
The car had pepperpot wheels and real good looking tires - he said they had 400 miles on them.

What really struck me was how clean the underside was, 'not steamcleaned but just all dry with the normal road dust. All the bushings looked good, no seepage from hoses or seals or gaskets and no rust under the carpets, I didn’t look in the trunk.
The metal under the carpet was a metallic blue while the car was a darker metallic red - 'nice paint. The door jambs were all red and looked factory- a tiny amount of rust bubble below one side of the rear window as I recall.

The interior was all there and looked good for a 35+ year old car, died out and a few cracks.
The headliner was intact and there was a sunroof that he said worked. It was a Vanden Plas (spelling) car.

One window didn’t work - the cruise control did and all the gauges did. The trip odometer didn’t.
He mentioned the radio just stopped - I was there for the engine


If the car is like you described, it is definitely worth $5500! It is extraordinarily difficult to find one totally sorted. The guy is absolutely losing money at $5500! What I see happening all the time is one getting a converted car that needs work. By the time you get everything right, you have more in it than if buying it already done! The seller is the big loser when he has a nicely sorted car at a reasonable price! You might want to reconsider by trying to meet half-way between $4500 & $5500!

I gentleman offered me $9500 for my 85 XJ6VP with GM 350, but I wouldn’t let it go! I’m not that “hungry” right now!


Real Nice looking car Richard.
If the car was a '75 series II (no smog tests necessary in CA.) I’d have bought it.
I like the III’s in that they look a lot like the II’s