Scanner choices for 2007 x150

(aerostarflyr) #1

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good scan tool. I am getting an intermittent check engine light and a recent smog check flagged an oxygen sensor issue. But the smog check doesn’t identify which sensor is at fault ( there are 4 ). the car is US equipped.


I have the icarsoft 930 for mine and would recommend it. The icarsoft LR v2 is the more updated one but does cost a little more. Both excellent diagnostic tools in my opinion.

(aerostarflyr) #3

ok, I will call the company to verify that it meets California specs. Looks like a quality unit, thanks.

(Brett) #4

Alldata makes some nice scan tools. I’m looking to upgrade mine in the future and will most likely get one of their cheaper professional units. They offer them at all price points though, and usually have very good reviews.