Scrapping 91 lattice wheels

Just a question on wheels. Got to clean out the garage.There don’t seem to be a market on stock 15 inch lattice wheel’s for a 91 xj-s. I think their worth more for scrap than selling. Anyone ever scrap aluminum wheels.

I scrapped most of aluminum Kent Alloy wheels (13?) from my three Series III XJ6 parts cars (I think that two of the spares were very nice). The rest were all in terrible shape of no use to me and with no resale value. I stripped them of the lead weights and valves and took them to our local recycling center along with our aluminum cans and plastic bottles. I didn’t get much for them as “clean cast aluminum” but felt better about doing that rather than tossing them out with the trash.


The 15» lattice wheels are a sweet upgrade for all Series XJ models. Worth a classified ad.

Thanks Paul, just putting them out for pickup wasn’t the last thing from my mind. Almost guaranteed someone will pick them up within an hour, & that’s fine with me.

Hi Nick, I went the classified route more than once. Couldn’t even give them to a “happy local home”. Everyone wants 16". Then there’s the S&H. Just Not cost effective .

The issue with the 15" wheels is, that you can not get the 225/65/15 tyres anymore. So they are pretty much worthless…

When the resale value of something isn’t worth the trouble of selling, I do a “curb alert” post on Craigslist. There’s always someone collecting junk or scrap metal around here. (Jaffrey, NH). Sometimes it’s even collected by someone who intends to use it!

If you lived near me those wheels would be in my barn in two seconds flat.

Have you checked? With the advent of SUVs there are lots of options here in little Norway.

Yes, I have searched a lot of websites with no luck. A year ago you could find a few tyres around €400 each. Now there are none left.
I have an x300 which had 16" wheels as standard, but the 15" XJ40 wheels I have also fit and I have two good tyres left on them, so thought about using those wheels…

Twenty years ago I saw what my local junkyard was doing. They would load an alloy wheel in a machine that neatly cut it in half because that was the easiest way to get the tire off it. They were doing this to nice complete sets of four wheels. I asked why they didn’t just sell those sets instead. They said nobody wants them any more because most new cars come with alloy wheels. I told them I would have been quite interested in a set if I had known any such were available!

Agree, look at the old Corvette wheel’s with the “little nubs” for the hub caps & alloy knock offs. The list goes on. Kirbert you & I know what will happen after the junk man takes them…Every purist will them.

Well, I have been trying to sell my wheels for less than the value off the scrap metal. No one was interested.

I made night stands out of my extra wheels.

95 XJ-S V-12 Convertible, 89 XJ-S B-12 Coupe, 87 XJ-S Hess & Eisenhardt Convertible V-12


Here are better pics of the night stands.

95 XJ-S V-12 Convertible, 89 XJ-S B-12 Coupe, 87 XJ-S Hess & Eisenhardt Convertible V-12

Harry there’s just no market for the 15" wheel. Main reason is probably getting tires. Maybe Coker Vintage Tire will produce them at some point.

Similar issue for 14"ers: I am very limited in choice of tires on my Rover, because of that.

Unless you go to Discount Tire and order the Cooper Cobra GTs, which I have on Superblue (2nd set) and soon to on Superblack (whenever I get her up and running :roll_eyes:). Love mine, and @ less than $100, can’t beat the price. I really like putting the raised white lettering on the outside, although you can opt to flip them w. the lettering on the inside and blackwalls on the outside. :cool: If you want to upgrade to something a bit more $$, go for the B.F. Goodrich raised white letter tires @ around $140-$150. NTB also sells the latter, although they are having a hard time w. getting the Cobras anymore, for some strange reason. :frowning: Funny thing though in that, since my Jag is pretty high visibility in my 'burb, I would think I would be seeing other 15" owners ordering them for their cars, but I have yet to see the Coopers on any car but mine (unless they have the blackwalls on the outside). :thinking:

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Well, there’s part of the reason right there - they virtually last forever (unless you bend them in a wreck). :laughing:

I don’t know what’s up with tyres in the US, but searching the first place I found online (OK, it appears to be the largest tyre place in Europe, but this is the Norwegian site), for 215/65 15 inch, I get 73 selections to chose from. 35 of the 73 are rated HR or better. Bridgestone, Pirelli, Fulda, Toyo, Vredestein, Dunlop…

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Yep I run those too, and yes, I run letters out too! Retro sporty!

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