Scratch topic/test topic for DaimLan forum

(Andrew Waugh) #1

Use this topic to have a go at posting with the new software. Don’t ask questions in this topic though, my intention is to delete this topic once people have had a bit of practice.

Think of it as that big lump of angle iron under the bench which you keep for checking the welder settings.

Don’t be shy, try posting pictures, video, documents etc, and use it to figure out how the new text editing features (smilies, bold, italic, paragraph formatting, quotations) work.

The point of the practice piece is that you can hammer, bash, weld, file and etch it as you like until you’ve gained enough confidence to start adding content to new or existing threads.

I have set this to be sticky until Jan1 2017, after that I will probably delete it


(Andrew Waugh) #2

(Andrew Waugh) #3

Pics are part of it guys. How about the rest of it? I’ll hand out one virtual “attaboy” for everyone who manages to quote or like a previous message, plus half attaboys for bold, italic and such. Bullet or number lists are also worthy of a pat on the back.
I know the lump of angle Iron under the bench isn’t as pretty as a freshly washed and waxed car, but practice makes perfect.
Anyone who edits one of their previous posts gets a “King Propellorhead” T Shirt.