Screen fitting tools S1

I’m just about to replace the rear screen rubber on my series 1 because the old one is brittle, broken in parts and wont hold the chrome trim. The jaguar service manual on page N10 shows two tools labelled Churchill tools JD23. Are they needed and are they or equivalents available anywhere?


you dont need them specifically.

the seal goes on the metal lip, then the glass goes in the rubber

I have done it and observed it done on 420G, other Jags & vehicles, with a thin strong cord, and/or special tools for windscreens made of hard plastic.

its not always easy, and an assistant is desirable

careful with the rear screen they can break in a trice if treated wrong, not laminated

I got my windscreen tools of a pro for a few $, and you can purchase them

I dont like the idea of metal edged tools on glass

Well I got the glass out ok and fitted new seal into the frame and the glass into the seal but can’t for the life of me get the locking rubber strip into the seal. It seems the tool B is a real necessity, anyone know where I can get one? Other option would be to leave out the locking strip, is the glass likely to fly out if I do that? It seems to me if I can get the chrome finishers in they would have the same effect as the locking strip.
Any advice?


what shaped profile is the locking strip?

afaic, it is needed

a smaller cross section may be available (generic)

to get the strip in, I use a rounded metal tool, and rubber grease to force the strip down into the channel.

With a 420G, the chrome strips (wider than XJ), will not fit properly in the supplied seal lips.

I used blobs of urethane to glue it on, and a silicone to fill the gaps (so it can be removed in future)

Thanks for the info Tony, I tried to insert the rubber using a tool I made from stiff wire but without success. It is the only strip sold by SNG Barrett but I’ll look for a smaller section piece elsewhere. The shape is virtually a quadrant with slight lips. Its a bit cold here still but next week should be warmer, I’ll try again then under the influence of a bit of sun and fairy liquid or rubber grease and see if I can get any further with it.
I see what you mean about the chrome strip as well. Even the one from the XJ6 seems too big for the moulding though it was inserted in tho old one ok before I took it off. I;m beginning to regret starting this job but the old rubber was very badly cracked and at lease it did show me that there is no rust under the trim.



I replaced the rear rubber several years ago without the special tool. I recall it to be a challenge but doable. I would wait for the warmer weather. The loan of a heated garage with a heating source preheating the metal and rubber gasket overnight might help.

Maybe a hair dryer in the hands of a second person directed at the rubber as the installation proceeds would make the rubber more pliable.

Also, a liquid, not sure what, applied to the rubber insert might help.

It can be done.


a hair drier or heat gun will help a lot

their is a tool with a grooved wheel that is correct for the job, available at hardware stores for fitting the locking strip on screen wire doors & windows etc, needs to be sturdy though.

grind an old screwdriver tip to a smooth grooved end.

needs a bit of force, be careful, you do need a locking strip in there

Thanks for the further advice, I’ve ordered a tool, a spreader with a roller behind to try to get the job done. I spent yesterday trying with a home made tool and managed about 2 feet with very painful hands but have now reached a bend where the channel closes up to almost nothing so will wait on the tool before proceeding. Heat helped a bit.


Well its in and looking good, next are the chrome strips which also look like a PITA to install. Any good tips on that one i.e where to start and how to lift the rubber over?
The new gasket came from SNG and I’m hoping the srtips will be the right width for the slots they fit into.