Screen washer pump replacement (1993.5 Coupe 6.0L - LNA7031CA alternative ?)

As I don’t use the Jag often under the rain, the screen washer pump doesn’t get much use, and now seems to have packed up, and I started looking for a replacement
according to Jaguar, the part number is LNA7031CA , but unavailable from jag

I ordered from SNG Barrat their aftermarket replacement part LNA7031CA#

and this does not fit on the tank, as the pump connector is hitting the tank before the pump is seated in place
when comparing to the old pump, there are 30° difference in the angle between the pump inlet (which goes in the fluid tank) and the connector on the side of the pump

failed pump, which connector is angled120° from the pump inlet :

new pump with different angle (connector is 90° from the inlet, and clashes against the tank)

and both side by side, seen from below ( old on the left, new on the right)

I started looking around for other sources / replacemnt part, and couldn’t find any

even 2nd parts look like they will have the same problem

this is probably no problem on the XJ sedans, but won’t do on the XJS : , because of the shape of the tank

any one had the same trouble ?
or found some alternate part which could fit ?

thanks for ideas, as an operative screen washer is mandatory during the annual test

The Florida Redneck method of repairing a shot washer pump is to abandon the old pump in place and install a new generic inline washer pump in the hose between there and the spray nozzles. Hence, the old pump becomes the pickup.


that sounds like a plan
thanks for the idea, that’ll give me some more options