Screws fixing the windscreen wiper knob


I’m missing the screws to fix the knob of the windscreen wipers and the 2 knobs to control the heater tap and the speed of the fan of the delisted/defroster. Spare parts no 106891. Does anyone know the thread/length/head of this screws? and eventuality where to find/purchase?
thanks Polti


(Rob Reilly) #2

Well, it’s pretty tiny.

The thread is 2BA and the overall length with the stub is 21/64".
The stub fits into the hole in the wiper control shaft.
Better make them out of a screw and cut off the head, or a headless set screw if you can find them.
The SAE size #10-32 UNF is close enough if you have easier access to that.
It would be a good job for a small lathe. Or a drill press if you don’t have a lathe, hold a file against it to trim it down.


(Ed Nantes) #3

I see 2BA grub screws on ebay at present. Socket head , but you wn’t see that


(Roger McWilliams) #4

Polti, can you give more description? What car model information and from where does this spare parts number come? With more guidance, I can look into Mark V instrument panel bits if suitable.



Hello Roger, it is a MK IV DHC 1948, the number comes from the spare parts catalogue (november 1948)