Scruffy E Type or Poor Driver

After a long mission and 700 miles to drive to see an e type which the seller claimed was rough, turned out to be a replica e type with no engine. Girlfriend isn’t too happy but that’s life I told her. The seller claimed they didn’t know. Hard to believe, maybe that’s why they wouldn’t give me information until I went there. I had to take the chance. I’m still looking to buy so please message me if you are thinking of selling. Canada is a bonus but USA works perfect for location as well.

Thanks guys

Did you take any pictures of the replica that you can share? If so, please post them.


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I agree with Paul… I’d like to see what a replica e-type looks like, too!

No I didn’t. I’m an e type fanatic , just google challenger e type replica and you’ll see. It’s not my thing. I want the real deal and will pay

Sorry you made a long drive for nothing. Probably a silly question, but have you checked on You can set up notifications to each new car as it’s listed in a given category. Series I & II are one category, while Series III is separate. Maybe something will catch your interest.

And I am very interested in the replica. I had four originals and would like to ‘play’ with a lookalike… Just a good-looking car. I can live without the headaches of a real one.