Scuttle vent screen

Has anyone managed to replace scuttle vent screen? It looks like screen is spot welded or somehow pressed to U-shaped frame, so maybe impossible to change the screen without destoying the U-frame totally? I’m not sure if my skills are adequate to make a new frame.
PO has for some reason destroyed my scuttle screen. I don’t know if similar screen net is available anywhere but even something closely similar would be better than mine.
Or if someone has spare one laying around, I would be interested…

You can make a frame frrom 26 guage sheet metal bent in the center. The screen is available. Make a buck to bend the screen and the frame.

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Mine doesn’t have the solid bit at the top so has presumably been replaced by a PO with a home made one.

Took it all apart to clean it all up, paint it & renew the seal - no problems.

Should be easy to make one like mine - just a bit of expanded metal like builders use bent in the right places.

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Must be for a MK1 ?

Ah! Could be. Mine’s a Daimler V8-250

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Same as MK2/240 and the like I think !

i bought my gauze from hardware store and done it myself. just make template out of card till its right. i have a template i could give you the measurements if you need.

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Thanks Robert, but I guess I can use my old one as a template.
It seems I can leave the U-frame off like you and some others have done.

the one with the square grid were on cars earlier than mine (65) so may have had that frame around the top but the diamond grid type didnt.