SDD files 163 and a Mongoose

I have SDD version 163 loaded on my computer and talk to my 2003 XK8 through a Mongoose. I am trying to figure out if it is possible to find the firmware version of the TCM and other control modules and do any updates.

The SDD ‘should’ revert to Legacy IDS to communicate with your 03 XK.

WDS was what we used when your car was NEW. In 2006 IDS was introduced and then in 2009 SDD was the Jaguar dealer software.

I use WDS and IDS only. I don’t know much about SDD. (I quit the dealer in 2006)

Be SURE to download and save your original VID block BEFORE software changes!!!

It is dangerous to alter things on your networks unless you know what you are doing.

Good Luck.
1-186 Using WDS To Program_Configure.pdf (198.7 KB)
33tl-04-2005_32bitRecovery.pdf (192.4 KB)

All this terminology is new to me SDD, IDS, WDS and VID
I can communicate to my car and the first time I tried it, the program gave me some reconfiguration message that it need to change for my year model. Maybe this was for legacy IDS?
FYI, I have done FW changes to processors for industrial controls and robots in my work so I am not totally lost in this area.