Search in For Sale section?

The for Sale section is quite large, and its difficult to search by reading it manually. Is it possible to do a search by PC .

I’m not sure I follow?

Hi Gunar, I have looked at the the items for sale. and it takes a long time searching manually through the very long list of items for sale , I wondered if I could do a computer search.

Go to the search function by clicking on the spy glass symbol in the upper right of the screen

Type in your search criteria, for example “tail light lens” and follow that with a space and “#classifieds” In both instances leave out the quotation marks and don’t bold anything… This will give you all the posts in classifieds that contain the words tail light lens.

You could also type in “tail light lens” and click on the three horizontal bars in the far right of the blank where you typed hat. Doing so opens advanced search which allows you to search by the key word and find posts made by a particular list member, in a particular date range, etc.

When you’re browsing the Classifieds category, click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen.

In the search box that appears, enter a search term in the Search box, select the checkbox marked “Search the #Classifieds category,” then click the blue Search button.

This will search for the search term you entered in the Classifieds category only.


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