Search window and please support interfering

When I open up the search bar the “Please support Jag-Lovers!’ Is interfering with whatever is typed. Should it be removed or hidden once the search window is opened?

On a PC mine looks like this:

It’s probably always useful to let others know what kind of device you are using when reporting a problem/error.

I’m using a iPad 9th generation, safari browser.

Easy fix… support Jag-Lovers. :smirk:

I test with the devices and screen sizes I have available, and probably missed this interference because of that. The placement of buttons and other design elements is controlled via css, which allows the elements to “float” on the page, depending on screen resolution and window size.

I’ll look into fixing this when I get a chance. Thanks for letting me know!


Thanks my workaround is to use the search
Screen with the additional filters and selections.