Searching for my Father’s XJC

Hello Folks, I’m on a quest to find my late Father’s car. My Father was a Jaguar enthusiast, he owned 3, a J plate series 1 xj 4.2 in dark blue, a brown M reg xj 4.2 which was so unreliable and leaked oil and hydraulic fluid almost from every pore. His final car was a 1977 S reg 4.2 xjc in white with a blue velour interior. He owned it from new until his death in 1979.

For a bit of fun in November I checked the registration number on the mot system and discovered the car still existed. The XJ data site shows the car going through auctions in 2012/13 but since then no sign of it. The DVLA show it as having been exported. I’ve checked with Ireland and they advise it isn’t there so I’m assuming NI perhaps but no confirmation has yet been possible.

If anyone knows of the car, UK reg UYR447S a white XJC with a black vinyl roof I’d love some details.
I’d like to acquire the car in part for sentimental reasons but also for my Mother who is quite elderly and it would bring back some positive memories for her.

Thanks for reading.

Hi- I’m on a similar search for my old XJ12C!

You should write to Phil Evans who runs the website He keeps an offline register of these cars.


Hi John,

Thanks for the response, I have already made contact with him but he advises that the car isn’t known to him as yet.



I can’t help you as to whereabouts now but I did see and briefly inspect that car at the Historics auction it is shown as being sold at 2011/2012 IIRC. At that time the drivers seat mechanism looked to be FUBAR as it was immovable at a crazy angle but apart from that looked to be in OK condition whilst still in need of both use and TLC.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.


Have you tried to follow the trace of the auction? Maybe you can impress the person at the auctioning house enough to pass on your request to the person who bought it - might be a coincidence, but even after nine years there might be some computer data left.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks Jochen, I’ve spoken to the dealer who sold the car in 2011 to a publican in Burnham on Crouch, the car then went to auction in 2012 and again in 2013 But it didn’t sell at the second auction. At that point the trail goes cold save for it being exported on dvla records to I think Northern Ireland.

So I’m hopeful someone will see this thread and get in touch.


How about a shoutout, on an associated car page, on FB? I’ve seen posts on my FB feed, that dealt with Jags, from that part of the world.

I see, Paul,

with a strong probability on Northern Ireland, where a white XJ Coupe should not be parked under every other street light, it would seem good advice to turn to local car clubs, the NI division of JEC and the like. Frankly, I’m not sure whether this part of the world is represented on this list at all.

Keep the faith


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks Jochen, I have contacted JEC and folk in NI but this far no news, I live in hope.