Searching the J L Web Site

I am not at all "computer savvy " in the sense that I would know the best way to use the site when it comes to searches. On the one hand I might go straight to the eye glass next to my "J " ( green ) and do a search there. If I am unable to get an answer I might then post on the forum to get more insight or details. What often happens is that the very act of posting seems to trigger other relevant items to pop up, which i would have expected to show up in the earlier search.Far be it for me to criticize the web site, …far from it…it is an amazing resource . Just wondering out loud !!.

I just try various search terms: occasionally, it’ll take a few tries, but usually I’ll find what I’m looking for.

While searching do you sing a particular U2 song or do you go for the Stones?

Yes, this is a quiz.

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Oh, deffs the U2 song.

Thought you were gonna trip up a musician?


I’d be inclined to hum a bit of Dr. John’s Right Place, Wrong Time.

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The search function isn’t the best.
Two things that help is adding „#list“ as in #e-type to the search term and trying different terms.

That’s why you click on “options” when you open a search and refine your search.

And in Soviet Russia, the options clock you! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

But seriously, the search is actually pretty good, like you say, if you use the options.

You can even limit the search to only topics that you’ve read, topics you’ve liked, and so on. Can be useful if you’re looking for that post you read a few weeks ago.

Also remember to try searching for alternative spellings, such as “dizzy” for distributor, and so on.


Whoops. …