Seat Belt Anchoring Help

(Greg) #1

My XJS is an 88 with the passive seatbelts, which I’ve happily removed.
I obtained good condition three point seat belts from an 85, but with no mounting hardware.

I’m trying to figure out where to anchor the three points and what hardware I’ll need, but without seeing an older XJS, I have no idea how.

The one on the pillar is self-explanatory. Although not used for my passive seat belts, the huge thread hole is there. I assume I’ll just need a large bolt and some misc hardware?

The one by the seat, I need to remove retractable lap belt from under the seat. Do I also remove that chrome thing that the belt passes through? Will there be an anchor point for me?

The retractable part, I assume goes down by the floor. But where? If I remove carpeting, will I see?

And it looks like the tab latch for the 88 lap belt is different than the 85, so I’ll need to obtain the receptacle part from an older seat too?


JagSeatbelts01 JagSeatbelts02 JagSeatbelts03

(Greg) #2

So according to the manual, the retractor goes underneath rear quarter panel. I assume I’ve got a place to attach it under there, but looks like I need to cut out a slot at top of panel for belt to roll out of. Is that chrome metal cover for the slot available without having to buy an entire used quarter panel?

I think I’ll put some “wanted” ads up.

(baxtor) #3

There is normally a slot in the trim finished with chrome embellisher through which the belt passes down to the retractor.

(Greg) #4

Ha, thanks! You answered that just as I discovered it looking at photos. I will try to get the chrome embellishment.