Seat belt does not retract

I have a 72 series 1 xj6 and my seat belt has recently stopped retracting. Even when I tug on it gently it still does nothing. It was working up to a couple of weeks ago. any suggestions would be helpful.

Many s1 cars were not fitted with inertia reel belts as standard. I retrofitted some but it’s really very tight on space around the mounting point.

As a result I found that sliding the seat fully back knocked into the belt housing just pushing it off vertical a bit. Then the belt won’t pull out. Solutions are to reposition the seat belt mechanism vertically, to not push seats fully back or to retrofit static belts

It could be as simple as the belt material being tangled inside or it could be an issue with the return spring or ratchet tang… So does it pull out and just stop there or do you feel any retraction tension at all? They can be disassembled - they are very simple devices and usually can be fixed… I had a rear belt in a 72 recently that had a similar issue. Turned out to be the ratchet bar cocked over to one side and stuck on the belt material.

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