Seat Belt Install S1 Roadster

So during enforced garage time I got a start on installing the inertia reel belts I bought in February (and then got distracted by the oil filter and air filter ! you know how it goes)

I’ve revealed appropriate areas of the car but cant seem to sort the angle out on the belts to be able to withdraw any material from the reel. The instructions say they should be marked up with numbers to illustrate but they are not. Been in touch with UK supplier (whom I wont mention here) and they will try to get in touch - but understandably have other issues atm. Am at risk of just winding all material back onto the reel.

So to the cyber-knowledge of the collective here. How do I need to set these up? I’ve tried to follow
and put reels in the boot (trunk) - but how to get them positioned I cant get sort!
Pics enclosed incase they help or provide reference points. (the tape is my reference)



I am not sure what you are asking. Are you saying you cannot pull the webbing out of the reel? As I believe you have already stated, it can only be pulled out when the reel is in the proper position. If that is your issue, I would try holding the reel up against a vertical surface and position it with the webbing outlet up, then try to slowly pull. Reels can be made for different positions, but I would try that first. To just hold in your hand can make it tricky. If this is not your issue, provide more explanation.


Ah! got it sorted after contact with supplier, very helpful btw. The reel needs to be mounted so that the arrow in the last picture is vertical and pointing downward. Then it runs in and out freely. The instructions I was supplied with were a bit too generic and so did not mention the orientation required.

Will document with some pics as I install and update here in a week or so

@Tom - thanks for reply Sir, sorry if question was bit vague.

First belt in at first fit level, need to do some clean up of trim and refit finally. Made a small measurement error with slot for belt, too much to the outside of the car so will be more careful next side. In part delayed by small bit of tin work in floor which needed attention, odd how installing seat belts makes one clean the floor…