Seat belt wires lost help

I removed the seats and carpeting to put in new insulation. now i can not find the the passengers side seat belt wire , the driver’s side was no problem, left side u s car, but i can not find the right side . I had the center console loosened i have looked all over and can not find it does anyone know were it starts at also now the parking break light won’t go out everything i touch turns to shi# . I looked under the new padding, how is it even possible to loose it .the seat heat and lumbar support wire i have . I put it back together because i was so pissed i could not find it and i wanted to start mounting the rear wing . This is not a joke how do you loose a wire ?

Just checked the archive about the p b guess the seat is coming back out may have the cover on to tight mo$#@&$%#*÷× !!! Stupid micro switch.

What year? May not have a right side switch or wiring for seat belts…
You do know that the pb lever still drops down when engaged, and you lift/ hold button to release it…

It’s an 89 ,yes I know about the break handle I took the cover off to remove the carpet must have put it on to tight

Doesn’t 89MY have motorized seat belts in the US? My ‘88 did, and there is no right side seat pressure switch. If your ‘89 has drivers side air bag only, I think it is mechanical and probably still no right side seat switch.

No its a convertible no air bags