Seat belts stuck extended

Dear all,

I have read other posts about seat belts becoming stuck in the retracted position; I have the opposite problem in my XJC, the driver’s belt is extended and won’t retract. (Although the rear ones are retracted and hard to extend).

Have tried squirting extensive WD40 into the mechanisms but to no avail so far. Do I have to pull out the rear seat squab and remove the door panel etc? Or can anyone suggest any other fixes?

Many thanks.

Nick Hill

XJC 4.2 Series II (1976 Canadian spec)

Over the years I’ve fixed a number of recalcitrant belts by removing them from car for a thorough cleaning and lite lubricating…and sometimes removing foreign objects as well. Lots of ‘stuff’ finds its way into the mechanisms over the years

I don’t have any experience on removing belts from an XJ6C, though. Sorry


The mechanism may have come loose, Nick…

…and out of plumb they will lock up, as gravity simulates sudden deceleration…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Ok thank you all. Looks as if I need to remove the inner panel.

Maybe just by wiggling the belt a hundred times it may
loosen up?

After wiggling maybe 99 times I ordered a new mechanism. Didn’t look too difficult to replace. We’ll see…

Have you actually checked the unit itself, that it firmly fixed and ‘upright’? If it is out of perpendicular it will be sensed to be under acceleration - locking the belt…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I hadn’t, but fitted the new unit I ordered and it seems to work satisfactorily.