Seat motor repair/bodge now seat belt light on

Realised yesterday that the passenger seat wasn’t raising the front of the squab, motor could be heard working so I decided to investigate.
Turns out that the gear has lost a couple of teeth;

I think this must have happened when I had the 6’3” son in the seat and he dropped it down to stop his head denting the roof.
Once I had stripped the gear box apart it became obvious what the problem was.
I managed to drill 2 holes into the root area where the teeth were and insert a couple of screws into each, dremel cut off wheel dealt with the extra length and rough shaping finished with needle files. And viola it now works, a bit lumpy one way but at least the wife can rise to my level.

So following on from the seat motor repair I now have the pregnant lady sign on the dash. A scan indicates its the passenger seat throwing the code.
I can’t see any thing amiss other than the tube from the base of the seat had become detached/disappeared.
Can anybody shed light on if these two plugs would have any bearing on the problem?

Further to this the dash light is flashing code 23, I’ve read that this is passenger side air bag, now whether that is the air bag in the dash or one in the B pillar?
Any ideas?