Seatbelt Hardware Unknown

I’m fitting 3 point seat belts from a mid-80s XJS into my 88 XJS (I’ve removed passive belt system)

I’ve got the original bolt/spacer/lockwasher for the receptacle (Thanks Paul!), I’ve got some new grade8 bolts/lockwashers for the winder that goes behind the backseat quarter panel, and I’ve got some grade8 sleeved anchor bolts for the upper shoulder part so it can rotate.

I’m not sure what the floor anchor needs? Will just a grade8 bolt and lockwasher work? Or does it need a spacer or anchor bolt so it can rotate? And I assume I’ll find a hole to screw into on the floorboard under the carpet?


You should find a hole under the carpet on the side. As I recall originally there is a bolt, spacer, spring and special washer that holds one end of the spring.

spring and special washer? Why? I cannot find any part #s or photos. I don’t see why not a simple bolt and lockwasher would be enough?

I think the spring is supposed to hold the latch in a convenient position for finding it when you’re buckling up.

I would say that spring is there to get the belt out of the way when it is not fastened

Yeah, you’re right. It’s on the belt end, not the latch end.

Thanks John.

Trying to buy these parts in hardware store, I could probably source the bolt, lockwasher, spring and washer, but it’s hard to tell what final three pieces are. Spacers? More washers?

I have a number of XJ-S parts cars with plenty of seat belt hardware. Contact me off list and I can get you what you need OEM.


As I recall there is one spacer for the spring, one for the carpet and paper washer in the end to hold all the peaces in place for installation

Thanks…Stephen is setting me up with used hardware.

Once I get 3 pt seatbelts and new tires, highway driving begins! :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what xjs was made for! I’m sure you will enjoy every minute of it :wink: