Seats 70 Etype OTS

I was thinking of replacing my drivers seat for something more comfortable and modern, I heard Miata seats work well, has anyone tried this?

Miata seats have become very popular as replacements for TR6 owners. I have a 73 TR6 with a set of Miata seats sitting in my attic. They are very comfortable but I have not pulled the trigger yet to make the swap. Check link below for conversion kits.



There exist excellent write-up‘s by John Scott on this over on the E-Type UK Forum - you might have to sign up there to be able to access these. Located under Technical Information and Documentation.

I can’t speak to the fit of Miata seats in an E type, but we put a set in a Spitfire and they are comfortable and well made. They fit well in that tiny cabin.

Hi John…as Martin says above the UK forum has lots of info on this…however they are known as Mazda MX 5 in the UK…here is just one thread there are others…Steve

Where would you get Miata seats? In the junkyard all the seats have been bent by the impact, at least the driver’s

Just google Miata seats for sale. This is just one of many hits.

I was thinking of using the original and updating the foam to a firmer foam and dropping the bottom seat an inch or 2.

From Miata owners who are ditching their original seats for something more comfortable?

Midnight Auto Supply

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The E’s I have seen with these seats look really nice. Be sure to check with the posted knowledge - not all of the seat models fit nicely.

The best you can do to lower the stock seats is remove the two washers under each mounting bolt where the seat rails attached to the seat bucket and The spacers under the rails. This gets you about 5/8” of an inch lower. You want a soft foam so that you will sink into it more. Most of the vendors sell a hard foam that you need to core out with a holesaw. Leave off the bottom diaphragm, this also helps you sit lower.

Thanks for the info, I’ll give is a try off season Like the hole saw idea!

Bill, I can not really tell from your photos, but it appears your holes may be mote ragged than need be. If you drill using reverse, I believe the holes may turn out cleaner. Or maybe you did use reverse. Obviously not relevant to you, as you are done, but for those who have not yet drilled. Not a big deal, but a suggestion.

It turns out the ragged holes are not the ones that I drilled. I did use the holesaw in a clockwise rotation, it cut OK. The vendor who sold me the cushions modified them because I had asked for something softer. I ended up needing to make them even softer.

Ok great info for an over the winter project… thanks guys. But more importantly appears my shifter linkage as become detached before I get into it are their any drawings around on that subject or words of wisdom before I start down that road ??

There are two things that can happen to the shifter linkage. The support can break off the top of the transmission! You will then need a new top cover or a really good welder. On mine the rubber isolator had disintegrated. You could still shift it but the lever was very floppy.

yea you were no kidding that is an excellent tutorial