Second post (from X308) re cam cover removal

Am trying to check tensioner type on my last of the Nikasil VDPs. All but one of the fasteners on left/B-bank cover are undone (though captive in cover) except the one holding the dipstick tube. I’ve undone the nut but to lift the tube bracket over the bolt head ‘stud’ extension I’d need to lift the tube but can’t even see where it joins the block or any further fasteners to try dislodging it. Yet without the bracket and tube removed I can’t undo that final fastener holding the cover.

I tried a search but does anyone know how to solve this puzzle. The car’s undriveable in bits so a quick answer would be extra- helpful please?


Hello all.

Am stuck getting left V8 cam cover off due to dipstick interference. Need to check tensioner type and reassemble asap. Please see cam cover post on X300/X308 list. Thanks for any help how to remove dipstick tube and last cam cover fastener.



The tube is set in the block (with an 'O’ring seal) behind the AC compressor mount bracket.

I use a ‘hook-tool’ and a small slide hammer to pull the tube ‘straight-up’ by the tube bracket with the small mount hole on the stud. The tube is only to be dislodged enough to move to the side for cam cover access.

Leaving the dipstick in the tube will help reinstall. The dipstick guides the tube back in the hole because it is a few inches longer than the tube.

Removing the dipstick and trying to guide the tube ‘blindly’ will result in hours of frustration.

Many posts of people whining about not finding the hole because it is not visible!!!

Use a ‘seal-hook’ or some sort of hook tool on the mount tab and ‘YANK’ straight up.

It will come up a few inches and the cam cover can be removed.

Thanks Bob…,…