Security measures

Hello, I am intending to park my Mk2 in a shared underground car park. Reasonably secure, being just for residents of my apartment block. I have a removable battery isolator, but I’m considering adding something like a steering wheel lock.
Any recommendations or information would be appreciated.

Sorry to say if someone want’s it , it will go , but a steering lock will slow them down a little ,
How about a few Motion sensor alarms , about £7 on e-bay

Yes, of course, as you say. But if it does go, it’s a British car on British plates in Luxembourg, so it will be conspicuous (even amongst the many classics here). And it’s well insured.

Motion detectors- not sure. Have a tendency to start sounding when you’ve just gone on a week’s holiday… might upset the neighbours!

I’m thinking Disklok which would make it hard to cut or remove the wheel - if they’re compatible with large diameter, skinny rims.

Just put a clamp on one wheel, make it impossible to roll?

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Hi Mark
Try hiding a petrol pump cut off switch under the dash
I have 2 switches; one on the starter solenoid cable and one on the fuel pump cable
I still have the car after 20 years!!

Install a gps tracker on its own battery feed. This will stop you worrying (as you say, it’s reasonably safe) and send a text message as well as the current location when the car moves.

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The GPS tracker and various ways to stop a thief from starting the car are well and good, but the best deterrent is the most visible one (like the wheel clamp) that stops most thieves from even considering it a target before they’ve smashed a window or broken a lock.

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I guess the quick, inexpensive way would be, when in the garage, just pull a terminal of something. I do already have an ignition cut off with removable key.
Thanks for your suggestion.

A Denver boot!!

The wheel clamp seems like a good idea, I thought it would be the answer… until you consider the knock off hubcaps and wire wheels. If you fit a small clamp which simply goes around the tyre like a claw, then the car can be jacked up, wheel removed and replaced with the spare. And one with a centre shroud would have a large gap between it and the rear of the wheel, some have an adjustable bar for tyre diameter and it assumes a flat surface between the centre and the tire.
No answer found there, sadly.

Hell, Here in the States a lot of vintage Jags already come with theft deterrent devices they are known as 4 speeds!


Ha! Doesn’t make ‘em slow, it was the fastest saloon car in the world in its day. Or are you saying that most Americans can’t use a stick?

Ha ha ! So Brian , just have to find out where you live :smiling_imp:

Probably a daft suggestion - take one or more wheels off.


A simpler way is to take the ignition rotor arm when you leave the car.

I don’t think any kind of disabling device is more than a minor deterrent although I have one one mine :joy:

They might deter the opportunist sneak thief, or drunk on their way back from the pub but if someone wants to steal your car they will just lift it onto a lorry and away it goes - even if an alarm sounds people will think it’s an old car, it’s gone wrong, and the garage has come to collect it. And car alarms are universally ignored where I live.

You don’t say what country you’re in but in the UK you can get a pay-as-you-go SIM card for a spare mobile phone (cell phone) effectively for nothing. Hide it somewhere in the car with a permanent live feed to the charger and use the ‘find my mobile’ app to track it.

Again, in the UK, if you don’t use your pay-as-you-go phone for a certain period of time the provider will cut you off and steal any credit you may have so 2 things to remember:

1 If the car is not used for some time the battery may run down
2 You would need to make a call or send a text every now & then to keep the service connected.

Removing rotor arm will not prevent car being towed.

Very clever.

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Thank you all for your comments and advice. General consensus (from here and others) is that steering wheel arms / discs are no deterrent to a thief. If it was a nice modern car, another of which may be found just down the street, then perhaps it would persuade the thief to try elsewhere but if they want my pristine 1960 Jag, they’re gonna have it, one way or another!

You can’t lift it onto a trailer in my underground parking anyway, so as you say, my ignition cut out is probably sufficient and will prevent all but the dreaded trailer lift / tow.

So on balance, I will park sensibly, as always, remember to take the cut-out key, as always, and buy a tracker.

I’m not sure they’d want one of my wheels in the hotel!