Sedan 4.2 carburetor setup

Back around 1974 I bought a different 4.2 engine for my 66 E-Type I used my E-Type head and carbs. I have the sedan carburetor setup still and wonder what it’s worth and where to sell it.

Su or Stromberg? What size? Twin or triple? What condition?
Try here in the classifieds or ebay. You might find comparable ones for sale.
There are no sedans, there is the 420G with triple SU or the 420 or the XJ with twin SU in Europe, Strombergs in the US and a few more with the 4.2

I bought them in Maine years ago. I bought the whole engine but there was no car. It was a 3 SU carb 4.2 Engine. But not slanted down like a e-type.

It’s either a Mark X 3.8 (three separate manifolds; common water rail) or a Mark X/420G 4.2 (single manifold). Depending on condition, worth several hundred USD or more. The HD8 carbies lack chokes but share other parts with the E-type version, or can be converted. The manifold can be adapted to XJs, particularly to replace Stranglebergs. As mentioned, try listing it in the classifieds. Or perhaps keep the carbies for spare parts. HD8 parts are very dear. IMHO.

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If it was in my budget, Id put a triple setup on the hot rod engine!

They’re like my e-type ones only taller and don’t slant down