Seeking advice on an XF Purchase

So I find myself in the market for a new daily driver, my previous car having met an untimely and unfortunate demise.

I’m considering an XF, I’ve seen couple of 2012’s (V8) and 2015’s (V6, 3.0) that are in my price range, very promising, with 40K - 50K miles.

I know how to look for the basics on a used car, but is there anything specific I need to look for with the XF?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

The earlier v8 cars are completely different from the later V6 cars. The later ones have aluminum construction. I bought a used V6 model, 2016 last year and it runs great. I had to have 4 doors and AWD. This has more power than I need, but I get an honest 30 mpg on the highways. A more recent model will still have factory warranty, maybe only if you buy it from a dealer, so check on that. Also JLR will have the service history for at least the first 5 years, check that. Get an OBD read on any faults.
The thing runs on computers and sensors, for instance there is no dipstick to check the oil. When the battery is low the computers start to act up, beware.
You might have to rely on your local Jag dealer if you buy one, or look around first for an independent Jag or LandRover repair shop.

Hopefully my reply isn’t too late. I haven’t been visiting the site much lately.

Much of it depends on the year you choose. Some of the notorious issues to watch for on these cars are delaminating windshields (it will look like the layers are separating at the edges), bubbling dashboards, automatic vents not opening/closing, rear boot lights/camera not working, and damaged wheels. All of these things can be repaired, but at a cost.

Personally, I recommend the V8 models over the smaller engine variants. It will certainly give you more joy while driving it. On the other hand, these cars are very thirsty. For me, it just comes down to having as much fun with the car in relation to the cost of maintenance.