Seeking Wisdom and Advice

Hi Lumpers. I recently acquired a '69 Series II 2+2 E-type with a 302 Ford and C4 Transmission. The installation was done years ago and, from what I can see, there was minimal alterations done to the chassis and body. The car has sat for decades but is now running again on a gravity gas can as the fuel tank is out for cleaning.
I would like to communicate with other Jag -Lovers who have a similar vehicle to get advice, suggestions, etc regarding wiring, instrumentation, upgrades etc.
Thanks folks.

Not the usual conversion. Most lumpers go to the various Chevrolet combinations.

But, a lot of the issues are resolved in similar fashion.

Your car shoudhavetwo tanks?

Was it fuel injected car? The 302 is almost certainly but not absolutely on a carb/

Easier, yet not u to Fi peformance.

speedo cable. may need an adapter to do ford RPM to Jag Rpm.

Use a Jag OP senor and the Jag instrument wil be happy.

Same for engine temperature.

Specic questions???

We will try t answer.

sounds like a fun project.
Although my Lump is LT1 powerd, i am a ford guy\\hapyhy 93 birthday to me!!!

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E Type.

Let me say that tidy and ideally BS-AU7 compliant wiring makes troubleshooting easy.

Happy Birthday, Carl!!

Hi Carl . Thanks for responding. The E-type Jag has one tank in the trunk LH side sitting on the floor and a space for the spare tire along side. Plywood panels cover them and luggage sits above.The engine came from a 1970 Mustang and has an AFB 4- barrel carb. It has a weird fabricated air inlet ducting and the air cleaner sits lower than the carb so the hood is scoopless.

If the Jag gauge sensors have the same thread as Ford I will do that. Thanks for the idea as I was planning on after-market gauges. Maybe there are adaptor fittings if the threads differ. I suspect the the tougher part is to identify and remove the unneeded Jag wiring under the dash and engine compartment and installing the Ford wiring in. How did you handle that?

Thanks again Carl. Cheers, Martyn

while the ford 302 is definitely not a bad way to go, due to the inherent design of the oil pimp in front, it has a double hump oil pan and needs to sit higher in the engine compartment than a chevy. my '71 xj6 lump had a ford 302 in it. i did not like the way it sat do i put in a different engine.
if i was to rewire my car, which i may do one day, i’d go with a universal painless wiring kit. every wire is labeled to the ends. american autowire i have used before as well and is also a valid choice

Some way, I mssed that it was an E tye!!! My bad.

I see no need for an extensive rewire.

If the 302 is carb’sd.
The ford has all the needs of the jag six. One on one should do just fime.

Aye, senor adapters may be a bit tricky, but doable.

Ignition being the esiest. next is the jag relay tom the ford solenoid for the starter.

If the ford pan is n issue swap. Rear supp pans did exist. Bronco??

Aye, the double ump pan on te 88 tbird ws a bt weird. Teo drain plugs!!

The Ford engine is a tad narrower than the sBC so it fits within the rails just a tad better.

some say the jag raild should not be welded? Is yours weded for the mounts. Or clamped as many suggest?\too bad it as the C4. A five sped would be the ticket…

Unless your knees are old, like mine and a stop and go issue can be trying.

The Oil pan has been changed to a Moroso. No issues with that. Engine is clamped - it looks to have been done by someone who knew what they were doing. So far my knees are OK, well past my mid-70’s now but you never really grow up when you play with cars…do you?

Hi Jay, thanks for your comments. I have been thinking about removing all the original circuits and going with Painless or equivalent. Will decide soon. The original oil pan is an issue but this has an 8 quart Moroso pan which is great and has the oil filter angled off for easy access and adequate clearance. Cheers,Martyn