Seiries 1 E-Type headlight covers

They are etched in. I went down to the Pilkington Factory and was shown the entire process. Full report here: Visit to Pilkington Classic - The 'E' Type Forum

The link I posted earlier has the full decode of the Triplex markings and many examples of the logo’s through the years.

AJ11 (do you have a real name?) - your headlamp glass:

AS2 = American (National) Standard (AS-1 is required for all windscreens and at least AS-2 is required for sides and backs. AS-1 can only be made out of laminated safety glass while all other AS numbers can be either laminated or tempered, as long as they meet the minimum AS requirement)
S = Sheet
TF = Tempered Float
M6 = The M number is a model number for the piece of glass, which identifies the type of construction. The M number is unique to the manufacturer.



Updated the above post with details of the headlamp covers numbers. Looks like one of them was not made for the US as it lacks the AS2 code.

Incidentally all the Triplex logos include a coded date although even Pilkingtons did not know why it was done as it serves no useful purpose.


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I wonder if anyone has tried to duplicate the Triplex logo and etch it onto a plastic headlamp cover???

Would be straightforward, get a pair of Mark Clapp’s and get them etched.

Hi Craig,

That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Just got off the phone with Mark and am having him ship them to me before he bends them. We will laser etch the logo, then send them back to be formed.