Selecting neutral without starting the engine

(Ole Würtz) #1

Sometimes I want to move the car out from under the lift where my E is parked. With my previous daily drivers it has been no problem. Ignition on, select neutral and push the car out of the garage without starting the engine.
However, with the F is is impossible !!
The user manual has references to an emergency park release but no description of the procedure.
On-line I found a description involving pressing the brake pedal and holding the up shift paddle for more than 10 seconds, enabling the selection of “N”. THAT didn’t work.
The same poster mentioned a cover in the cubby box to be removed revealing a cloth strap to be pulled and thus mechanically putting the car in neutral. That works !!

Does anyone have other ways of putting the car in neutral in case you need to push it or heavens forbid it should need to be towed ?

Cheers … Ole

(Mike B) #2

Only way I’ve ever found is to pull the cloth strap. If you need to do it very often then I’d leave that cover off, though I supposed they want it covered so a curious passenger doesn’t pull it while you’re driving :joy:

(Ole Würtz) #3

You’re probably right about that cover :joy:
Thanks for sharing your experience … Ole