Self cancelling indicator Mk2 ... position of striker arm on column ... any pics?

Can anyone help with the exact position of striker arm on circular steel bracket on steering column

Any pics etc would be most welcome


Hi. I just did this on a LHD 61 mk2 but no pics. Easy to explain though. The perfect position is with the cancelling arm coming off the circular part (that’s attached to the column with the 2 screws), centered between the 2 pointy cancelling pins when the wheels are in straight ahead position… So the arm points to 9 o’clock ideally. This can be easier said than done. Later Jags have 4 adjusting screw holes instead of 2. It’s okay if the arm is not perfectly at 9 - just need it between the pins. Depending on if the steering box was centered before it was set up could mean the upper column isn’t in perfect centered position cause there is no real adjustment between upper and lower due to the cutout that takes the locking bolt.

Also to do this the adjusting column retainer screw - the small screw with the raised bump instead of the slot - should be turned so the bump is at 9 and 3 (when looking down at it) so the cancelling arm clears the bump.

I do have another mk 2 in the garage that I may be able to get a pic of later if no one beats me to it.

Hi Mike,
Perfectly explained.
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Btw Graham, I was gonna snap a pic yesterday but the car in question is messed up… Arm is all bent from the column bushings being perished. Wouldn’t have been helpful :slight_smile:

Some pictures would be great. I have a turn signal that will not shutoff on one side.

Are these any help. RHD Mk2

Re: [Jag-lovers Forums] [Saloons] Self cancelling indicator Mk2 … position of striker arm on column … any pics?
Hi Phil,
Sorry can’t open the pics … Could you send again to
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Thank you , much help.


Hi Graham,

Sure thing, on their way.


I just went out and checked the adjusting screws (2) . After taking off the top and bottom black plastic molding on the column I found mine was a little off center. A sight adjustment and the self cancelling seems to be working.
Thank you Rustfree Jack

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Thanks for the info. I’ll check mine out.