Ser II , soft top lead bag source?

Need source for lead shot bag to install on canvass soft top 1970 OTS .
Any knowledge about how and what to use to fasten to an old top?
Is there an issue with glue holding to old fabric?
If item not available what size is it?
I’ll have to make one.

Thank you

Is it lead? My old top (which may or my not have been original) was weighted with a piece of dense foam:

Thank you

Is the last picture a new top with the foam device ?

First pictures look like a bit of glue got all over , last Pic doesn’t show this.

Thank you


I do not know what is supposed to be used, but I bought a bag of small fishing sinkers and sewed them in a bag. The small round split version.


Thank you

How did you attach?

I’ve also been told that the bag had heavy foam in it for the Ser II cars.


Do you know anyone who reloads shotgun shells? I’d bet lead shot for reloading would be perfect. Available at any gun store that shells reloading supplies.

John, that is what I was looking for when I went to the local Field and Stream store. They did not have any shot, but they did have the sinkers.

They.must beloeve in the 2nd Amendment Amendment - the right to bear fishing equipment. :roll_eyes:

Yes, I reused the foam and made new cloth parts using the old ones as a pattern. The top was new too with a zip our rear window.

I do not know for sure whether the originals in Series 2 were dense foam or lead… perhaps someone on here can say.


Thank you for this information.

Sorry to take so long to respond I’m knew to forum and don’t understand all the ins and outs yet.

Can I ask you to measure the length and width of the largest piece of fabric as well as the same for the foam part?

Please describe the foam in a way I can use the information to get some similar.

What can you compare it to?

Is your top Vinyl of canvass?

What gluie did you use to attach.

I’m guessing you glued only the cover piece to the top.

Please advise and thank you