Series 1 1/2 roofs

can some one please give me a difinitive answer to my question about when did jaguar stop putting mohair / weirton wool roofs on cars shipped to the usa i have reciently judged a 68 car with a mohair roof . i checked with the book written by dr braddock and he claims they started putting plastic roofs on when they opened up the headlites . that would make it mid to late production 1967 . however the jaguar handbook suppied with the car makes reference to the proper care of the mohair roof. i didn’t want to deduct points unless i have reasonable proof from a jaguar publication that the car should indeed have a plastic roof. if you could help i would be appreciative mark thornton jdc of long island chief judge

I was presured to look through my notes.

The fabric is called “Weirdon cloth,”, not wool as I previously
mentioned. My apologies, but it was a long day and airplane ride before
I responded.

I do not believe anyone has a definitive answer to when the tops were
changed and, knowing Jaguars, would be very skeptical if anyone other
than the bloody guys working in the top shop at the time gave me a
cast-in-stone date.

62 OTS