Series 1, 2+2 Door Rubber

Quick Question,

I have a series 1, 2+2 with original worn door/body rubber. I am wondering if it is possible to remove and replace the rubber strip (the strip which is on the body) without removing the door. I can easily remove the door card which will allow more access. There is a very small channel which the rubber is inserted into on the 2+2. I don’t think that is the case with standard S1 coupes, but I could be wrong.

Any advice appreciated

Mark Verwiel
San Rafael

Hello Mark,
I would say no. At best it would be extraordinarily difficult, to the point that you would be wondering “why didn’t I just remove the door”

Are you only replacing the “A” pillar rubber, or all the door seals? If the “B” pillar seal as well, you will end up with a door slammer with the seals that’s supplied by most of the parts suppliers. For a start, its not the correct cross section seal that they supply. They all supply a BD20500 section labeled as the correct BD28434.

This wouldn’t be so bad if the seal was made totally out of soft rubber, but the manufacturers, or those that commission the manufacture, trying to punch above their weight in terms of design capability, have them made using two densities of rubber as shown in the following picture…

This seal installed as supplied will require a run up to slam the door hard enough to close.

What many do is cut and remove completely, the section shown between the to two Red lines in the following picture.

This is tantamount to buying a dog and then having to bark for it.

This seal supplied by XK Unlimited, now Moss, used to be like the following, made totally from soft rubber and they worked. However, I was told by a colleague and it was reported by an E Type Club UK Forum Member, that this seal purchased from Moss recently, was the same two density rubber construction as the others.

BD28434 - Seal1

BD28434 - Seal2



Thanks Bill.

I have already replaced the B Pillar and the door works properly. I just hate the idea of removing the door as the gaps are about as good as it gets. Know there are ways to ensure proper fitting, but ugh.

I just put a 4 speed manual with overdrive in the car. That is a complete treat and completely changes the driving experience. But with all things associated with this car, any improvement highlites another necessity/desire. Ha!

Thanks for the response

Hi Mark,

Can you tell us what the seal cross section and construction are please. Also the source if it is not like the hard/sponge combination Bill shows above.
I have been trying for four years now to get a seal which works without slamming.

Ill snap a few photos over the weekend Bob!

I had the same issues for the longest time.
You can buy proper soft seals from Martin MacGregor in Toronto.

Great products, great service.
No affiliation other than being a satisfied customer for my 2 E-Types and a classic Mini.
No, I don’t think you can replace the weather seals without removing the door.
A simple trick is to drill 2 small alignment holes through the hinge and A-pillar before removing it, to give you a perfect alignment reference when you put it back.
Best regards.
John G.

HI John,
I looked at MacGregor a while back and they didn’t (still don’t as far as I can see) list a B post seal for the 2+2 which is different to the FHC seal. I will email them and check for sure.