Series 1 2+2 windshield replacement

(Mr. Phelps) #14

sorry but i have not seen the dimensions posted, did i miss them?


(Jerry Mills) #15

I had to work most of the weekend. Didn’t even watch the last 10 minutes of some big game I heard was on. No traffic coming home tho. Have my note to measure on my work bench. Was hoping for a snow day today, but no snow stuck to the ground. Will try to get it done tonight !!!


(Carsten) #16

I did not find the time either. No free time at the moment, sadly.

But I´ll go and measure as soon as I can. It´s not forgotten.



(Mr. Phelps) #17


Not a problem at all, My mail has PC has been really not performing as it should and I was afraid I had missed it. Whenever you can will be just fine with me.

Steven Phelps


(Mr. Phelps) #18

No hurry please, I‘ve been 10 years on this car. days are insignificant amounts of time.





(Jerry Mills) #19

Yea - I get that, but if I get it done, it’s done.
OK…I am a self employed licensed contractor/remodeler for
over 20 years, so I know how to read a tape measure.:smirk:
These numbers are within a 32nd".
A: 57 1/4
B: 50 7/16
C: 19 1/16
D: 19 15/16
E: 8 7/8

“A” was a bit confusing, but I believe it is the greatest distance across that section with the tape measure following the contour at that height.
Have the windshield where I can get to it if you need anything else.


(Mr. Phelps) #20

Thanks Jerry.

Steven Phelps

self employed contractor 40 years, retired now for 10 but still building!
CBC 037859

Certified Building Contractor

State of Florida

My apology to the forum and the group, I mistakenly thought these were private messages as they came into my e-mail box. instructions to just reply OR go to the forum. this is new format i guess, i will learn. sorry.


(Mr. Phelps) #21

Jerry, writing down the values I find D or C must be wrong, they cant both be 19+ ??? can they?


(Jerry Mills) #22

Me thinks you don’t know what “retired” means. :cowboy_hat_face:

Yep, that’s correct. Laid it face down, pushed against a 90deg. hard stop to measure. The windshield does not have nearly as much arc in the top as the sample drawing. Can’t think of any way to get a different measurement based on the drawing. Let’s see what @Carsten shows.


(Carsten) #23

…above image was sent to me by Pilkington. They do offer S 1 2+2 windshields.

I still did not have the time to measure mine, sadly.

Oh, and could we please use metric values… ?



(David Jones) #24

The very latest Pilkington Classic glass product list is available to download below. It includes all the tint options and you can have heated or radio aerial embedded in the screen. The only glass not currently available is the S1/2/3 2+2 door glass (FHC and OTS) and rear quarter lights but we are working on that. They also have the rear hatch screen for the pre May 1962 FHC’s before the bodywork was redesigned (#A3207 CL).

Contact them directly for price, options and availability in your region:
Nick Gardiner
Commercial Manager Pilkington Classics


(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #25

“…pre May 1962 FHC’s before the bodywork was redesigned …”

Pre May 1962? that a typo?


(David Jones) #26

Well spotted Les! It should read June 1962.

In June 1962 FHC production stopped as Jaguar undertook a major revision of components and body. Many parts changed from cars #860479/886013 onwards which can make restoration of earlier FHC’s very challenging as reproductions are hard to find and later parts are not interchangeable. The parts changed included, but not limited to:

#BD19543 - Boot lid assembly
#BD19362 - Glass in Boot Lid
#BD20158 - Chrome finisher on rubber seal
#BD20500 - Sealing rubber around Boot Lid aperture
#BD22754 - Casing on r/h boot lid side
#BD22755 - Casing on l/h boot lid side
#BD20165 - Casing assembly on lower boot lid
#BD20682 - Striker and safety catch assembly
#BD21279 - Prop, supporting boot lid in open position
#BD21289 - Pivot bracket for prop
#BD21281 - Bracket receiving prop
#BD20501 - Chrome finisher on r/h roof gutter
#BD20502 - Chrome finisher on l/h roof gutter
#BD22462 - Glass assembly for r/h quarter light
#BD22463 - Glass assembly for l/h quarter light
#BD20367 - Hinge pillar assembly for r/h quarter light
#BD20368 - Hinge pillar assembly for l/h quarter light
#BD21127 - Catch assembly operating r/h quarter light
#BD21128 - Catch assembly operating l/h quarter light
#BD20500/2 - Sealing rubber on cantrails
#BD21577 - Facing assembly (headlining) on r/h cantrail and rear trim panel
#BD21578 - Facing assembly (headlining) on l/h cantrail and rear trim panel
#BD20860 - Headlining
#BD21078 - Panel assembly for trimming windscreen header rail
#BD20191 - crash padding on r/h cantrail
#BD20192 - crash padding on l/h cantrail
#BD20751 - R/h door assembly, complete
#BD20752 - L/h door assembly, complete
#BD20511 - Frame assembly, for window in r/h door
#BD20512 - Frame assembly, for window in l/h door

And not forgetting:
#BD20748 - Body Shell assembly, complete - replacing the original body shell #BD19350. Other changes, not documented, included a different shape windscreen and stop/tail light chrome assemblies. Parts bulletin P60 (6 pages!) and Q43 (2 pages) refer:



(Mr. Phelps) #27

Carsten, Metric is fine for me, i typically use it where exact measurements are needed. I can convert to inches easily. Jerry has it correct. the drawing gives the only places to measure even though the perspective makes it look odd to the actual numbers found. I look forward to seeing the metric values, whenever you have time. I have not tried the Pilkington link .


(Carsten) #28

If you look closer, you’ll notice that the Pilkington picture which I posted above shows their reference measures.



(Mr. Phelps) #29

Carsten, i’m sorry i do not see that you have posted anything with measurement on it or any picture at all. this thread has gone awry.


(David Jones) #30

Carsten did include the measurements in post 22. It was rather faint though so here it is enhanced:



(Mr. Phelps) #31

thank you, i see it now and on 22, i was looking for a picture, missed the line. sorry. lost in translation :slight_smile:


(Carsten) #32

I finally went out and took the measurements. They are almost identical on both of my windshields to what Pilkington sent me (see above).

In mm:

I got 485 screen height, 1288 max width, and the curved thing is 1460, measured on the OUTSIDE with an old seat belt. The thickness is 7 mm, two layers of glass can be identified clearly.

So, yes you absolutely can trust the figures given by Pilkington. I think that I will buy my new windshield from them.


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(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #33

FWIW and just as a backup to what Carsten stated…just measured my new (a few years ago) Pilkington windshield that’s yet to be installed, my measurements are identical to what Carsten posted with the exception of the thickness. Mine is 6mm and you can also see the three sheets of material.

It still has their sticker on it:

HT0295 CL

4311 ACL

FW 00195 CLN


Made in England