Series 1 3.8 Tool Roll Per The Owner's Manual

Can anybody with a 3.8 Series 1 owner’s manual verify how many box spanners are shown in the parts description in the manual?

My Series 1 4.2 manual shows four on page 12, which is also what I have in my roll. The new reproduction tool kits from jaguar have only three.

Thus, I’m looking to see if the earlier cars only had three, which is reflected in the reproductions, or if the repros are wrong.

I’m sure everyone has opinions on this, but I’d like to know what a 3.8 owner’s manual shows.


A 3.8 liter E-type tool roll should have FOUR box wrenches:


Tom,Opinions are like some other things, everyone has one! A quick look at the S1 Parts Catalogs, J30 & J30 A.L.1. update both show the same four box spanners that many of us call tube wrenches.

This is my understanding. However, the new reproduction kit has 3 box spanners.

There is a kit on BaT at present indicative of an early 3.8 with tapered short Tommy bar and Allen wrench (albeit incorrect) with three box spanners. One person has chimed in, with no evidence, that this is correct.

Thus, my question is what does the 3.8 owner’s manual actually show. My 4.2 lists all the parts on page 12.

Doesn’t anybody here have a 3.8 owner’s manual?

This is, of course, appears to verify what we suspect. However, I would like to see a photo of the page of the 3.8 Owner’s Manual that shows this. It’s on page 12 of the 4.2 manual.

Here’s what the Series 1 4.2 owner’s manual shows on Page 12. What does the 3.8 manual show?


I looked through my 3.8 liter E-type owner’s manual and nowhere did it have a list or illustration of the tool roll.

I think the parts list provided by David Jones above (from the official Jaguar spare parts catalog) is the definitive proof you need that 3.8 E-types had four box wrenches.


Thanks, David, but that’s from the parts manual. I’m looking for the specific page from the 3.8 owner’s manual. I understand that it likely corroborates this, but I’d like to know for sure.

Whoa! Thank you, that’s interesting to know. There is no listing of “Tools” in the table of contents?

So…what’s on page 12, LOL!

Here’s the paragraph about “Tools” on page 10, as well as a photo of page 12.


Thank you, Alan.

Interesting that Jaguar’s new reproduction tool roll is missing a box spanner–3 out of 4. Paying $1,000 for an incomplete repro is inexcusable in my booklet.

Paying that much is ignorant. Charging that much for it is inexcusable.

And it isn’t just missing a box spanner - they missed on pretty much every aspect.

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An original went for $1,850 on BaT in July, and another missing a box spanner sold half an hour ago for $1,400.

I know, I’ve followed the tool market quite a bit. Which all makes the deeply flawed repro kit from Jaguar look even worse. If one is going to spend almost a grand for that repro, just shell out a bit more and get a decent original kit.

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You mean the repros from Jaguar Classic Parts? They actually have 4, not 3. There is a smaller one stuck inside both bigger ones.

I really struggle when it comes to buying tools kits that of course you will never really use…Think I will just throw a stack of ‘Benjamins’ on the spare tire and use it in case of emergencies…Jeff S. Atlanta, GA