Series 1.5 in SE Michigan

I need some help with routing the wiring harness of a Series 1.5/2 XKE (two radiator fans) I lost the pictures I took during dismantling and now I don’t know how the harness is fed around the engine and where all the clips go. I hoping that some kind soul will let me drive over with my camera and take lots of pictures of their car. I live North East of Detroit but would be happy to drive a reasonable distance…

I have a bunch of pics of the wiring job. Some not so pretty. These are a few of the new harness going in, 1968 S1½.

Note the engine compartment loom and the dash loom are married in three locations, one inside the dash, one on the lower left side of the engine compartment near the battery and the third the upper right side near the wiper motor. The twin fans run off a sub-loom.



Do you have one that shows the path of the wiring from the front to the back on the LH side?

Not one that clearly shows how the loom is routed, Les. On the LH side the engine bay harness enters the cockpit through the A-post area and goes backward along the depression in the inner sill. It branches just past the floor cross member. The longer branch keeps going back toward the rear bulkhead and enters the boot at the side of the wheel arch - this branch feeds the fuel level sending unit, the interior light, the brake/running lights and the backup light. The shorter branch follows along the base of the cross member to the gearbox tunnel then proceeds back to the handbrake switch.

So the wiring on the LH side doesn’t enter the cavity justvrear of the door opening and then over the inner wheel arch and finally out around where the rubber filler tube is?

Not in the case of the OTS at least, Les. There is no wiring inside the sill at all.

This is one of the uglier pics, of the old harness in place. The looms enter/exit the cockpit at the red arrows. The subloom that extends back along the depression in the inner sill attaches to the multiplug in the picture.


Here’s a snippet of the inside of the LH rear wing, removed of course during the wreck repair last year, showing the LH rear wiring routing. What I was wondering, seeing as I think I need to pull it out due to damage to it during the repair process, is that is this the correct route. Any input much appreciated.


Hi Gavin,
Are you a member of the Jag of Mich Club located in SE Michigan? Why don’t you contact the club’s editor and they may send out a email to the member asking for help for you. My experience is that the club is very helpful.

All I can comment on is how the harness is routed in the OTS, Les, which is different from what is shown in your pic, which looks to be a neater arrangement since it minimises the exposure of the loom inside the cockpit, which would simplify the interior installation. In order to route the harness as shown would require some manual contortions that the extra working room of the plus two might allow but that the OTS might not, but I lack specific knowledge around how the coupes are configured so can’t offer much input.

The inner B-post arrangement in the OTS is more closed in with an integrated box section welded in place directly behind the rear quarter panel. There is a vacant 1” diametre hole in the top of the inner sill of the OTS but I assume it is there for ventilation.

I just added some pictures that might help in a ‘new’ posting (Wire routing to the rear).

Regards, Joel.

The wiring cannot be routed that way in a roadster since there is no inner wing. That route wiuld keave the wiring exposed in the wherl well in a roadster.

Here are a few of my install photos of the engine bay/dash area. These were taken during the preliminary routing and were secured with zip ties (since replaced with the correct strapping).

I have more if you have any specific questions.

These are great! Do you have any that show what happens around the window frame on the passengers side and running to the radiator sensor?

The harnesses run horizontally across both the upper and lower picture frame members. The majority of the cables run under the upper frame and the horns run along the top of the lower frame. I’ve pointed out where some of the sub-harnesses emerge into the engine compartment.

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I have a /64 3.8 OTS and am not sure of the path that the wire for the backup light follows in the trunk. any help would be appreciated.


I just draped it across the floor and over to the left light. I couldn’t see any “neat” way of doing it

you put the cable to the 8 pin on the top bar of the bonnet frame? I found mine attached to the lower

That was a temporary zip-tie location. I’d need to go look to see where it eventually ended up.

Thanks Bill. That’s probably what I’ll do. I don’t see any place to mount a p-clip.