Series 1 center console mount points and angle of the dangle

My E type was taken apart years ago and I don’t have any information on the center console mounting holes on the drive shaft tunnel (due to severe rust). Could someone assist?
Also the console has a twist on the top section. Would anyone know the angle it should be at? I’m not which side is correct (or if either side is correct!)
Hopefully the attached picture helps? Mount holes in red and angle in red.
Thanks in advance.

If you search your tunnel , you will find mating threads for those openings.

Oh, you are right. Didn’t read that carefully enough. The holes dictate the the location though don’t they.

Yep, I get that now. Just saying you have the console in hand, so you know where they are Going to go.

Well Jerry, I guess the obvious answer is to locate as best you can your chosen lug to center in the oblong opening so as to facilitate a variety of smaller for and aft variables. As it dosn’t go over “rug”, but hardura, that would also be a simple calculation.

Ha!, well you and I have it figured out…where’s Mike!? :grin:

Well when I installed mine , there was 0 play. Once the main console was seated, there was no room at all for the front to go down. It was firmly set to the carpet. I would think that may be all you need to know… now if I wasn’t done for the evening, I could go out to the shop and measure total elevation rise at the front, relative to the base…maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for the info.
Correct I do not have the mounting holes and need to locate them. Any help with pictures or drawings would be greatly appreciated!
Also the angle of the rise - my console “ears” on the angled part are at two different levels. I’m hoping to sort out what is correct…

THE CRUCIAL dimension is that the forward end of the console must seat FLUSH with the transmission cover/dome. That is what will enable the radio console to sit as low as necessary in order for you to be able to flip open the instrument/fuse access panel. It is stunning how tight that connection is.

I had to undo the entire installation and remove a lousy 1/8" of extra Dynomat that I installed before I could press the console down enough. I took the liberty of screwing in a couple of screws to keep the console down. And even then the clearance was only a millimeter.

The bottom edges are not critical - they will be lost in the floor carpet etc.

Mike. If you do not get a measurement in the next few days send me a pm and I can get you the measurements off my console. I cannot help with the points on the tunnel as mine has been partially replaced and the mounting points are not there yet. It will be a few days before I am back out in the shop.

On my 67 S1 I just installed the seat belt bolts and the console has never moved.