Series 1 Door interchangeability with or without power windows

(Gary Palmer) #1

Help please. I am looking at buying 1973 Series 1 doors that have manual windows for my 1972 Series 1 that has power windows. Do the 1973 doors have mountings that would allow the internals from 1972 door to be transferred easily? Thank you in anticipation.

(Robert Wilkinson) #2

Gary, IMHO power windows may be the least of your worries. In the US, 1973 cars had completely redesigned doors. The latch mechanism differs from 1968-1973 models, and there is a beam inside the door to avoid side impact. These changes were to satisfy US safety regulations. I don’t know if the changes were universal (including OZ) or just the US.

We also got ugly front overriders that block the fake horn grilles–don’t know if you got those or not. If not, maybe you didn’t get the doors either. Anyway, the 73 doors are easily identified by a “loop” style catch on the front of the B and C pillars. The interior door opening rods etc. are changed, too.

But I can’t recall seeing any difference in the window lift mechanisms (I had a 71 and a 73); I would think that power can be substituted for manual, but not at all sure. That’s relevant only if your 73 door doesn’t have the different latch mechanism.

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(Gary Palmer) #3

Thank you Robert, my 1972 has the loop style catches and the 1973 doors have the correct latches. The interior beam is something that I hadn’t considered. The beams have been in the Australian Design rules for a long time but I need to confirm since when exactly. In Australia, the 1972 over riders sit outside the fake horn grilles. I’ll look at the interior door opening rods when I inspect the doors. Hopefully they will be the same.

(Gary Palmer) #4

Upon inspecting the 1973 doors, I learned that they came from South Africa and were almost rust free. They like mine had no intrusion bars so that design rule must be post 1972 for Australia. The door latch and locking rods are the later type. So, onwards it is.

(Robert Wilkinson) #5

Great! I had a look at the parts manual and evidently the newer locks (called disc locks) were introduced sometime during 1972 model production. The part of the lock that mounts on the door has different part numbers for Canada/US and rest of world. They show the same illustration for both, so I have no idea what the difference is. Both use the same “hook” on the pillar.

(Gary Palmer) #6

Yes Robert, interesting but I don’t know why they are different.