Series 1 Hardtop Value

Can you tell me what the value range is for an excellent condition, not mint but really nice factory hardtop would be? It’s been on my car for over 25 years. Headliner, exterior trim and rear window are nice and I’m pretty sure it’s original and unrestored.

It’s hard to say. Asking prices are all over the map. Sale completion prices largely unknown. If all the trim is present and accounted for, including the rear window loop, probably 3-6k depending how excellent is excellent.

Thanks Erica, your right, everyone’s definition of excellent is different. If I were to rate it like a car with #1 being excellent but not a trailer queen concours quality then my hardtop would be between #1-2. For being over 50 it’s pretty nice inside and out.

This is an expensive bit. $6,000 - $8000 when presented well at the right venue.

I have one that I brought up to those standards. It would take more than that to buy it.

Michael, right venue? eBay, BaT, Hemmings, what’s your take?

I spent over 4K just restoring mine ,a value of 8k for a truly perfect one is not unrealistic.

I think anything on BaT will do well. Its a feeding frenzy over there. Tool kits? Second mortgage on the way. Owners manuals? Hold onto your hat. Hardtop? If it is of high quality it will sell for more than you will expect.

Cooler heads prevail here, or this group is just genuinely cheap! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I resemble that remark :joy: :scream:

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Funny, you guys should do stand up! And thanks for the selling advice.

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