Series 1 seized engine

Hey guy look I’m wondering if you can remove the head with out being able to turn to the engine and I’d much rather not cutting that chain anythoughts would be grrat

As I have removed the heads from a few seized Jag engines, its definitely possible

from memory, its hard to get at 4 each cam bolts,
spanner with cranked neck is needed to get in there

never been unable to separate head/block, did destroy a Jag V12 head once

I did not use a ground down spanner (thin-walled) , but you can grind on one if it helps

As Tony says, Harry - some wriggling may be required to unhook the timing chain.

Apart from that, the general warnings are; do not turn the engine with the head in place and the timing chains disconnected. Which should be no problem in your case…:slight_smile:

What happened…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Guessing that the rings are seized it’s a 2.8 71 series 1 that has sat for 25 years in a shed and got it for 900 quid but engine wouldn’t spin on a hand crank so pulled the starter and still a no but used a piece of soft wood and a soft hammer and tapped the top of the piston after soaking the pistons in release oil for about a month and tapped them all and two sound dead then a slipped small peice of the wood I was using broke off and I can’t get it out but now that peice of wood has swollen and is stuck so I need to get the head off and get the peice of wood out but I do want to get the sump of and free all the shells and tap each piston from the underside with slack on the end and if all the pistons move I’ll realse all the shells just enough for small amount of slack and check that the crank is moving

Been watching You tube stuff via my smart VIZIO TV. All kinds of stuff!!!

  1. Stuck 440 Chrysler. Heads removed. Issue found. Small bolt in the combustion chamber.
    Mangled piston top. But, even worse, a bent connecting rod. it got a 'refresh". New for busted parts. Ran perfectly…

  2. Radial engine on a classic airplane. Ran lousy. After much travail, found a pair of bent connecting rods. Oil lock. Oil drains into the low cylinders. Good practice is to remove a couple of spark plugs before crank and let oil drain off. But, most smoke like H… on fire up!

  3. Circa, I built a Model T “Speedster” from cast off junk parts. The long block came from a farm yard. No head on. Survived a barn fire. Pistons rusted in the block. Pistons in the T’s were also cast iron!! I drove them out from the top with a block of 2 x 4 and a really BFH!! Well worth saving. Babbitt bearings very nice!! I had the block honed. Not done very well!! But the seats for the valves were nicely ground. I fitted pistons from another engine. New rings and valves !!! It ran very nicely…

  4. Still more decades. A fresh 440 in the garage. Son and pal project. Stuck. Alloy pistons and cylinders bonded!!!
    Pistons ruined in he brutal removal process.
    new ones and it ran like stink. good stink that is…