Series 1 steering column worn bearings

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know if there are replacement bearings available for the upper steering column? They are small taper bearings with small ( approx 3mm x 1mm ) rollers. The lower one is splined to fit over the spline to the lower uj. I think the outer diameter of the spline is larger than the diameter of the shaft so a standard bearing with enough clearance over the spline would be loose on the shaft. The existing bearings have worn grooves in the race and there is now excessive endfloat. I have shimmed out the endfloat, but steering feels a bit rough, albeit still serviceable.

Generally, for safety reasons, Kevin - no spare parts are usually listed for the steering column. Any wear/faults to be remedied by whole column replacement - any dismantling/repair procedure is not described in manuals. However, ‘illicit’ DIY repairs are sometimes possible with a bit of ingenuity…

Any identification inscribed on the bearings…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)