Series 2 and 3 wing difference

Hi all, i’m new to the forum i have a xic 4.2 that i have just purchased, i looking to replace the n/s wing, i have been offered 2 new old stock jaguar series 3 wings can anyone tell me what the difference is between them and a series 2 wing.

Hi Harry:

The only difference I know of, at least in the early series 2's, is the opening for the

parking/signal lights allows for the installation of the fender mounted lights. Even in
the federal (US/Canada) cars. That opening in the series 3 cars is more of a square
that requires the lights to be mounted in the bumper of the car.


Welcome Harry!

S III wings have a side marker or indicator opening in the upper area. The lower opening is used for the massive bumper support.

S II wings don’t have the upper opening. The lower opening is used for the parking light/indicator assembly. It has a different shape and is contoured in a different way.

Tin artists will find a way to make do, but if you have to pay for the work it’s better to start with the right type of wing.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks great help, i can make that work s2 wings are getting hard to find.