Series 2 door armrests / map pockets

(David mccarthy) #1

hi all
I am in need of a pair of front armrests / door pockets for a 1978 Daimler Sovereign series 2.
I am having trouble finding decent quality ones though.
Does anyone know if early series 3 armrests are the same?
They do look very similar on sites such as eBay etc.
I’m based in UK


(Thomas Cummings) #2

I don’t positively know the answer - but I’m fairly certain that a 1978 Daimler Sovereign still continued as a Series 2. I have successfully taken a chance on parts that look like an exact fit - even when the listing doesn’t specify my year model. Often times the seller only knows what it came off of, but not all the year interchanges.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #3

My '74 series II and '85 series III door pockets aren’t the same. they look the same, but the Series II are smaller in length. My Series II is a SWB, and if I remember correctly '75 and on were mostly L’s so they might be the same. at least the rear door pockets. How’s that for a definite maybe. :wink:

(David mccarthy) #4

Thanks for the replies
I think I’ll take a punt.
Will let you know if they fit.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #5

This is what I did for my series III the pockets were pretty battered on the inside, and I had to replace the headliner in the XJS coupe, did the headliner. ugh! with what was left, I relined the pockets of the XJ6. I took the pocket off the door card. carefully removed what was left of the fabric in the pocket and used it to make a pattern. Because there was bits of fabric that was missing, I then raided the pantry and used butcher paper and the bits of fabric to make an actual pattern of the door pocket. used craft spray adhesive (the non permanent stick kind), sprayed the bits of old fabric and stuck it to the butcher paper and cut out a pattern on the butcher paper. I then took the butcher paper plastic side up, and sprayed the paper with the craft adhesive; and stuck it to the back side of the head liner fabric pieces.

Busted out the sewing machine rolled the bare edges over and sewn them down to make a nice finished edge. I did the sewing bit because I didn’t want to attempt to peal the leather back and glue the fabric under the leather which was originally stiched in place along with the leather / vinyl. I passed on that bit because I didn’t risk of buggering that up.

I then used the headliner adhesive 3M something and sprayed the fabric and the door pocket (masking off the bits I didin’t want adhesive on) and let it dry, and adhered the fabric to the inside of the pocket. then put it back together with rivets and screws like it was from the factory.

Looks perfect!

(David mccarthy) #6

Thanks Mark
You’ve given me some good ideas there.
It’s the kind of thing that’s time consuming, but you might as well do it right.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #7

It is a bit time consuming. The first pocket took me better part of a weeks-worth of spare time. The other 3 I knocked out in one Saturday. FYI, I got the fabric from some Jaguar folks in Florida. I can’t remember their name. Ugh!
BASJAGUAR.COM ultra high end source for interior bits
Upholstery world, Has always had what I needed, but the quality is nothing like BAS. But for my clapped out daily driver Jags, I guess it doesn’t matter.

(David mccarthy) #8

Well, I bought the armrests / pockets off the series 3, hoping they would fit my series 2. Here are the results:
The rear pockets are exactly the same, fitted straight on.
The front pockets are the same, but the armrest / door pull off the series 3 is a steeper angle, and does not fit.
Luckily my door pulls are good, door pockets bad, so I can swap the pockets over. The donor was a scrapper, but I think it was 79 to 82’ish. I know the later ones had lights on the pockets.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #9

Good to know, thank you for keeping us up to date on your progress.