Series 2 OTS interior companies

i received a poorly cut bulkhead hardura and the vendor wont redo, any options out there?

OSJI, out of Indiana, has a very good reputation.

You don’t mention where you live in the wide world of Jaguars, but I believe that BAS UK sells bulk hardura (and also the made-up pieces. Their quality is so good and the exchange rate favorable enough that I order from them even though I am in Arizona.

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Did they state why they refused to redo it? Let me guess, “We’ve sold hundreds of them and never had a complaint”.

One option I’m neither recommending nor not recommending, is to tell them you plan to contest the charge for the item with your credit card company. IMO, it’s a last resort option, like asking for a divorce.

I’ve gotten hardura from OSJI and it fit fine on my series1.

The customer pays for everything…I am a satisfied customer of XXXX…I hope this is legit.

John you hit it on the head sold thousands over 30 years and no complaints. On this forum I read complaints about the same item. I was very surprised at the tone of their email. I sent them pictures which clearly showed they were off and they sail it was because I didn’t recover the wheel arches. I didn’t send pictures of the wheel arches

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SNG said they sell bulk Hardura and I will have it cut and bound locally. I bought the interior set from BAS US. I am aware they are not associated with the UK.

Hi, I have used Suffolk and Turley in the UK for my interior trim. They are in the UK, but I did use Classic Jaguar as they are the US representatives. Expensive, yes, worth it YES. Suffolk was a factory trimmer in the day.


Although I am not a fan of the firm you mention, I would say that two things can be true. They have sold hundreds without complaint. And on the internet, which tends to attract complaints, not complements, you can find, well, complaints. Etype body shells were produced as piecework and thus the craftsmen made more money the faster they worked. Porters book describes a 4 man team at Abby Panels(?) that produced a bodyshell in about 15 minutes. Abby got paid about 17 GBP for each shell. And we are surprised that each one is not inch perfect? Yet, the interior suppliers have one pattern that they must work off. It is, as we say in mathmatics, a best fit of scattered data. Unforunately this doesn’t make your experience any better. Just this week I made a paper pattern of the boot area of my 63 FHC project and sent it to my upholstery supplier to make a custom hardura with bound edges. This will replace the “standard” one which didn’t fit well enough for a concours restoration. And yes, how you pad and trim the wheel arches certainly affects the mating harduras. Maybe you can prepare a pattern and get them to at least meet you halfway on the cost of making a replacement that fits. I know it seems wrong but otherwise you are stuck. There is the additional risk that if you jump to a different supplier, the color match of the material won’t be acceptable.

BTW, in my mind the above argument applies to the windscreen thread going on elsewhere at J-L.

Unless BAS (Canada/California) has changed they wanted payment via check right up front. Don’t know if the OP is dealing with this company or not.
PS: finished reading the comments and indeed this is the company the OP used, I would have to go offline to share any further comments on this company’s after the sale service.

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Harvey thank you for that. They totally would not offer any idea to remedy my problem. I even offered to send them the original. What I have done is order a sample of Hardura from another supplier and if it matches I will have my upholstered locally, I have someone who can do it. Also I think I would be hesitant to send them the original because I would never know when or if I would get it back, communicating with them was exhausting and getting them to return email or phone call was horrible. I’m over them. Hopefully this will be a high point restoration and there none will not be mentioned.
Thanks for listening- Marley

Name not none will be mentioned

I had basically the same experience.
Upholstery is upholstery. If you get the raw hardura, some vinyl for the edging, and the thread, any shop local to you can apply the edging.
What color are you using?
Where do you live?
If you get hung up on the thread, send me a PM. I have some resources in that regard.

Hi Harvey. I am not trying to be contradictory but I have to mention that my admittedly limited experience has been different. I acquired my ots with evidence of a previous bad front end collision with substandard repair plus a subsequent poor quality restoration where floors, outer sills and much of the inner sills were replaced with hand made cr**. Nothing fit properly. Measurements indicated that the shell was both twisted and racked off to one side. Once I “bit the bullet” and removed all the junk, set up the remainder level and straight using laser levels and measuring tools and replaced the panels with ones recommended by Monocoque as being correct everything fell into place. All of the body measurements from the body chart lined up within less than 1/8 inch errors. Measurements to check the location of the windshield side frames (obtained online) also checked out. My experience was that any difficulties in fitting the new panels were directly the result of errors made by me and not the original structure. My conclusion was that the basic tub structure was assembled using jigs and was done to an acceptable tolerance. My corroborating evidence is the often claimed and never disproven claim by Chuck (monocoque) that his panels fit. If the basic structure was not sound to begin with that would not be possible. I can only conclude that if parts are not fitting there should be a serious suspicion that something has changed the basic shape of the body shell and it is not as it left the factory. Otoh my experience is only with one car and maybe I just got a big dose of beginners luck?

No offense taken. Someone like Chuck has to live with this conundrum every time he ships a piece of reproduction metal. We all talk about having to “fettle” panels to get them to fit. I just come to expect some deviation from the design configuration as part of the charm. There are probably many success stories that don’t get drug onto the forum because the parts actually do fit pretty well. Anyway, a hardura piece a 1/2" too narrow in the wrong place does stick out like a sore thumb and considering the outfit in question, miscutting may indeed be the cause.

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