Series 2 RHD center console fit

Hi all, can someone tell me how snug the center console is supposed to be on the transmission tunnel and forward where the vent panels are?

Currently I can comfortably put my hand up between the console sides and tunnel and fiddle around even with layers of carpet and insulation. It’s actually more on the drivers side than passenger and if I had to give a measure I’d say about a 8 cm or 2 to 3 inches gap.

Thanks! Don

Hi Don,

My series 2 (74) has gaps big enough to put my fingers in comfortably, though not as big a gap as yours it’s probably 10 to 15mm. Not sure if that is how it’s supposed to be as I have never had to remove it and I had never checked it until I read your post.




depends a bit on what you mean with “snug”. The centre console is mounted quite massively against the tunnel and the cross brace. It doesn’t feel sloppy, shaky or soft.

OTOH, the seat base is quite soft and leaves a lot of space for the seat belt buckles (which do make the squeaking noises and justify a good deal of silicone grease to the ambla seat base side). So yes, 10 - 15 mm seem about right for me, too.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks for the replies. By ‘snug’ I meant fit against the tunnel so there is no gap. At the moment I can get my hand in there and grab the ducting for the rear. I’m going to take the console out anyway so I’ll try and reinstall a bit neater.

Thanks again. Always helpful this community.


I can’t add much, except share a picture of my S3. The lower console looks (and is) nicely fit against the carpet. Because it’s not attached to the tunnel except in the front and back, it’s easy to run your fingers up under the lower edge of the console, but I’m sure the intent was that you wouldn’t have a need to.


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That’s what I’d call snug, assuming of course the S3 console is basically the same as the S2. I’d be happy if I could fit my fingers in but not wave my hand in there. Will take some pics shortly so you can see what I’m talking about. It’s annoying the bejeezus out of me. So much time and money spent and its not right.

That dash is interesting. Is it pale or is it the flash?

I was a furniture maker in another life and have a little experience doing veneers. I didn’t care for the dark walnut of most of these cars and I have always liked birds eye maple, so that’s what I used. I also don’t like the glossy plastic look, real wood doesn’t look like that. I used raw veneer and satin finish lacquer. It may not be to most purists taste, but I like it.


I think mine is also maple but not nearly as nicely figured as yours. I have restored another walnut dash but without the expertise I could only repair the veneer not replace it so I made it a bit darker than normal to hide the dodgy bits. I’ll post a pic later and get some opinions. I may yet learn to live with the maple.

The bottom pic is the gap between the console and tunnel.

That is a pretty big gap on the bottom edge, maybe the base material has warped or been bent somehow. I think on mine, the backing is some sort of dense fiber, not that durable.

I can’t tell what type of maple you have, I can’t see any “shimmer” or “chatoyance” as you would see in curly, curtain, or birds eye maple. You have nearly the same color interior as I do and I think the maple blends well.


Hi Don,

That does look like a large gap, but interestingly the photo from the top doesn’t show a gap and it looks neat, perhaps the angle that the photo was taken from makes this view deceptive? Or is the gap just on one side?


Bob, that’s the gap. It’s bigger on the drivers side so I’ll see what’s going on when I take it out. The previous owner had stripped the car to the shell and used copious amounts of sound deadening and foam when reassembling. After spending so much time and money I suspect he may have got sick of it and just shoved the console in to get it done.

Dave , It might even be beech which is not very British, at least in a Jag. Someone commented it looked like the ply under the veneer he polished which is a bit how’s-ya-father. If it was nicely figured like yours I’d leave it but I’d like to put my mark on it.

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