Series 2 Turn Signal Switch Cancelling Ring

(CTDavies) #1

Hi all!
Does anyone know the best way of getting that large plastic ring out of the turn signal switch without causing any damage? I only have usual tools like screwdrivers etc. TIA
Chris Davies, Germany

Edit: I‘ve just read the part I‘m trying to remove is called the cancelling ring

(Floats) #2

Hi Chris,
If I may ask, why would you want to remove the cancelling ring?
Cape Town

(CTDavies) #3

Because the switch it is in doesn‘t have the turn signal/horn lever. I have a better one that‘s only missing the ring.

(Erica Moss) #4

I’d suggest looking at the one with the missing ring closely to determine what else was removed from it in order for it to go missing. ie, were rivets removed?

(CTDavies) #5

Here‘s the one with the ring

Here‘s the other one

I also have these parts

But while we‘re at it, one of the wires doesn‘t have any insulation at the lower end of the stalk. Should it be this way?

Chris, in Germany

(Bob Faster) #6

they are just pressed in from the castle side, the flanges slip over a ledge.
I would try warming it up with a heat gun before trying to pry or lever the flanges up over. given the age and probability of it breaking you might start by contacting Marek on here. at one time he had replacements ( the clear ring).

Bob F
here is a picture of a couple loose.

(Erica Moss) #7

If you examine the bottom of both, there is a ledge in the casting and it appears that the ring simply snaps over it. I think you’ll need to do some gentle prying to get those snaps over the ledge without breaking the part. But I’m at a loss to suggest a definitive method.

I think what I’d try first is to use a flat screwdriver to gently pry against one of the plastic lips At the same time apply gentle downward pressure to the plastic so when you release the blade from one spot it stays retracted. Then work outward from that spot to get more of it retracted. After one is free and the part is slightly canted then move onto the other plastic lips. If it doesn’t seem to be working for one lip then don’t force it. Something more creative might be required.

(CTDavies) #8

Got it!
Following Erica‘s advice, I used a screwdriver to gently pry the lip away from the ledge. To keep it there I inserted some very thin plastic card. Moving round I added more plastic card until I could carefully lever the ring out from the other end with a screwdriver. I inserted it into the other switch and it works great. Thanks for all your input here.

Chris, in Germany

(Floats) #9

Well done,
Cape Town

(Steve) #10

bookmarked this one…

many, many, many, ad infinitum days from now when I’m reassembling (presumptuous) I will need to know how to reassemble the column on mine. Trying to remove all of the wiring harnesses, my column EXPLODED into more pieces than i’d have preferred. Thank you barley beverages, for your wisdom as to when it’s time to quit for the day!