Series 3 bumper swap

Trying to figure out how to make this work… Think I have a Series 1 rear bumper blade… which needs some modification to work with S2 (Federal swap out)…

I have an S2 & the rear Euro bumper is one piece. Haven’t gotten as far as you yet.


I’d be surprised - one piece bumpers were used only on SI cars; all ROW SII cars came with three piece bumpers, the mounting of the side pieces changed though at some time. I suppose they went to three piece bumpers because they are easier to handle for one person.


your pic shows the bumper sitting too low for ROW mounting. The central part has a chrome extension downward which then is mounted to the central bolt extending from the round opening and holds the entire shebang about one inch higher.

Do you have the side mountings BD 39487 resp. 39488?

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

My mistake, rectal crainal inversion. Was looking at the front bumper in the box. Rear is a 3 piece.

The S1 rear bumper mounts direct to the body right behind the bumperette. The S-II had tube in both the Euro and Federal bodies for the U.S. cars to mount the bumper shock. The Euro just uses a long steel rod threaded at both ends. One end bolts the the vehicle, the opposite is where the S-II bumper ear bolts to with big flat washers and a nut. Look at Roger_Mabry’s photo where the mounting tab/ear is showing next to each bumperette that looks like a half moon. I have a S1 bumper I am going to weld that mounting tab onto so I can have a one piece in XJC.

I have not heard of anyone swapping a SII bumper for a SII Federal bumper ( they are ugly) You must be referring to a euro SII which looks much slimmer and nicer. You would need to add to the lower grill to fill the gap. You can probably have a billet grill section made to replace that short lower grill below the bumper in order for it to look good. You’ll need 1974 Federal turn signal markers or get some from the U.K… I got some from the U.K. ebay site for my SII to euro bumper conversion. I found bumpers from a jag Breaker in England that cost me $20 for the front and $24 for the rear and $187 for shipping to the States.

There is a right hand hinge (NOS) on eBay

eBay item number:374306986430

SI bumpers fit like this, three piece bumpers were introduced during SI production. It does mount right behind the overrider with a rubber spacer and two washers.