Series 3 dizzy installed into a series one

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I was wondering if you can use a dizzy from series 3 install into series one with carbs. Can you take the gm module with dizzy from series.3 and plugnplay into series 1. Or does this unit need a signal from ecu? I know you can buy units but I have a spare dizzy from series 3 with Lucas box and ballast with cool setup. Any info on this.

(Frank Andersen) #2

The ignition system is an independent, self contained sub-system - whether mechanical or electronic. Basically; all xk distributors will fit and run all xk engines - the engines ar fundamentally ‘identical’ in this respect.

However, there are subtle differences in regulating advance between markets/distributors, but not disabling…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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you took the words right off my finger tips. to add to this equation there are also subtle difference between the advance curve for straight petrol verses the booze and petrol mix we’ve got today.

If you’re dead set on ditching the points get a Pertronics. I’ll dig up the model number if your interested. I know I got it on Amazon. You’ll have to replace the coil too. It was the best $300.00 I spent - it’s set and forget. I replaced the distributor in my Series II not because it has points, but because I couldn’t keep a constant point gap, and I got sick and tired being left stranded. The shaft wobbled around in a conical shaped wobble. it chewed up points (but not the cap or rotor - weird) like my daughter with bubble gum. I kept 3 sets of points and condensers along with a feeler gauge in the console, Timing light under the front seat. I have the OE took kit so that was covered.

Oddly enough the car would only die when my daughter was riding with me, and always on the motorway. One day we were cruising down the motorway, then the inevitable happened the pre-die sputter. My daughter looked at me and said, “Christine”. I replied with, “What?” she said, Dad! It’s Christine a British Christine" I finally clued in we laughed as the car was decelerating and I’m making my way over to the side of the highway.

Ten minutes later were off, until the next time. The thing that still baffles me about this, is the fact if the distributor wobbled so, how could it even run at all? When I finally pulled the distributor, There was nearly a 1/8 inch wobble from side to side.

Sorry for the side track.

Hope this helps

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I put a dizzy, coil, and amp in a S1, and it ran fine as is; better in fact, likely due to dizzy bearing wear in the old one causing varying dwell. I didn’t measure every parameter, but it ran fine.


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Nice stories always help to illustrate the tech parts.

  1. Decades ago, my experienced 57 Ford pickup
    gave me fits. The 312 CI Tbird engine was healthy But, apparently the distributor came from the original 292. If I set the points with a feeler guage to spec’s it would not start. If I set them tight, it would start after a good spin by the starter. and once running, all was well. Sorta. Raggedy idle!!!

It tool me a time to figure it out!! Sloppy bushings and the shaft wobbled, badly. Just like Mark’s car.

  1. More recently, my so told me of the travail with his WWII Dodge M37 Fork lift. He left the ignition on and it burned the points!!! So, as he merchandises car stuff, he sourced a Pertronix "knock off’ kit. Out with the points and
    condenser. Screwed in the module slipped the wheel over the cam and it purrrs, better than ever. Good as the lifts are done with the engine at idle. And the moves loaded are also done slowly… A weird looking beast,. but works like a champ…


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Right Frank has we in california have retared on our dizzy and not advance. So I guess I will try it see what happens.

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Mlee i purchased one of the petronics dizzy units for my spitfire. It went out after a year. Those units my opinion here seem poorly made from China and not cheap. I went with a crane unit made in usa.I’m not having a problem with the points like you have had. But would be nice not to mess with poonts , not a easy access on s3 cars. Cheers mate

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Robert i will just try it and see what happens. Cheers mate

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Carl. Ww2 forklift with electronic ignition lol bet it’s got a K&N air filter too lol thanks for the story.

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Just my 21/2 cents I have a 69 xj6 euro specs SU’s manual W/od
PO had installed an electronic ignition & it scared the crap out of me.Always carried a spare distributer (points & condeser) with me.Just felt if that thing crapped out where do you start? Points & condenser could have it figured out in 5 minutes or less.Finally decided to get rid of it.Had my distributer rebuild by British vacuum unit in Canterbury NH (no affiliation) best thing I’ve ever done to any car I’ve ever owned.Distributer was rebuilt new bushings & vacuum unit & recurved for “today’s” gas.The difference was unbelievable before it was sluggish now give it some gas and it litterly jumps.

(Frank Andersen) #11

Various dist variants were used, Sawyer - for some local compliance issues - it had no bearing on the engine itself…

Using the vacuum connection and initial ign advance relevant for the SIII dist, or any distributor, it will deliver spark to the engine at the right time…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #12

Actually, no. Plain paper. Some where along the way the original oil bath cleaner was removed.
Possibly when the 50 Plymouth engine replaced the GI Dodge. The two look alike. The Dodge a bit more “heavy duty”. But, in this use, the replacement is more than adequate. Sphagetti crank and all,

All work done at very low RPM’s. The “better” flow of the KN is useless. The better filtration of the paper much more useful.


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Robert how did you mount amplifier box? Any pics you might have would be great. What cool did you use. And did you ditch the ballast tesistor?